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The 78245 area is covered by 18 internet providers. Depending on your San Antonio ZIP code and address, you can access various internet types and services.

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You can find a range of providers with plans starting at under $50/mo. for affordable internet services in 78245. By bundling Internet with TV and phone services, you can save even more.

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Internet options in 78245, San Antonio

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It is really important first to specify if the service you are interested in meets your connectivity requirements before making a commitment to any 78245 internet provider. The comparison of providers is a critical stage in your decision-making process and before making your final decision, there are many key factors to consider, including:

78245 Residential Internet Coverage

In 78245 metro zones, from the city center and all the way to Cibolo, Helotes and South San Antonio, AT&T provides DSL and fiber internet service. In newly built parts of Brooks City Base and close to the Lacland air force base, AT&T has a few coverage areas, but the AT&T internet is accessible for the majority of people in 78245.

In 78245 and its surroundings, Spectrum provides high-speed cable internet. In the west and North-East of San Antonio districts, including Westover Hills, Wilshire Terrace, and East Terrell Hills, Google Fiber provides fiber internet services.

The Grand Communications network, including Alamo Heights, Oak Meadows, Redland Estates, Whispering Oaks, and El Dorado, also offers affordable Internet connections to residents living in south, north or northeastern San Antonio.

Reliable high-speed DSL and fixed-wireless Internet services in 78245 are also available, although their coverage is limited. Speeds are lower than normal, but the vendors – such as Alamo Broadband Inc, Ranch Wireless, Rock Solid Internet, Ziplink, and Bee Creek communications – appear to deliver better customer service and a reasonable rate.

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