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Do you feel your internet service provider isn’t delivering the committed speed? Or, you feel you are overpaying for the same speed your neighbors, friends, and colleagues are enjoying at cheaper rates? Relax for high-speed internet at the lowest rates is now a reality, with ServiceDealz! But before you start searching for the best internet plans for your area, let’s quickly understand what is considered a high-speed internet and what factors affect your internet speed?

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What does the “high-speed” internet mean? 

According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines, minimum downloading speed must be 25 Mbps while it must be 3 Mbps for uploading, but in case you want faster internet, you may choose a plan with a higher speed than that. This speed may be enough for many online activities like gaming, streaming TV, downloading music, etc., but a 25 Mbps plan might not suffice for other important activities that require consistently faster speed. 

What are the factors that affect my internet speed?

Is that what you are asking yourself? Remember, not one but many factors affect your internet speed such as the number of devices connected and using one Wi-Fi, peak usage times, etc. A high-speed internet plan is capable of delivering outstanding speed for all online activities while withstanding these strains. While download speed of 100 Mbps may suffice for most households, others may want higher speed like 1,000 Mbps plans. 

How do I find the best internet provider in my area?

Your hunt for the best internet provider in your area will become easier, if you know the factors that need consideration such as varying connection types, coverages, speeds, costs, etc. For faster downloads, for example, you may count on fiber optic and cable internet providers in your area. On the other hand, if you are looking for faster uploads, fiber internet would be the best bet for you. One thing you can do is figure out the plans available in your area. Even the same provider may have different plans for different locations, so there is no single provider and no single plan perfect for all.  There are so many plans available out there in the market but  

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