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Cheapest Electricity Plans in Irving

Searching for lowest electricity rates in Irving? Find and compare best electricity plans here!

Exercise Your Right to Choose Power in Irving

Thanks to the deregulated electricity sector in Texas, you have the liberty to choose your electricity provider in Irving as well. But, for most users, finding the plans right for them is a task better not attempted on their own. We take the hassle off the deal search and compare process. We smoothen your search for lowest electricity rates in Irving from best electric service providers in the country. 

Electricity Rates Staring at Just 7.4¢

An average household in Irving consumes about 1,500 kWh per month (as per our research in 2018). With electricity rates starting at just 7.4¢ (1000 kWh), we help you save $1000s on your electricity bills. You may choose the plan as per your electricity usage. Search the plans using your zip code, compare them, and shop for the deal that best fits your requirement. 

Popular Deals

Check the most popular deals among households.

Plans Provider Plan Duration Rate Per kWh Estimated Monthly Rate
Plan 1 6-Months Fixed 10.4¢ 500 (kWh) $52.00 500 (kWh)
Plan 2 12-Months Fixed 14.8¢ 500 (kWh) $74.00 500 (kWh)
Plan 3 6-Months Fixed 10.3¢ 500 (kWh) $51.50 500 (kWh)
Plan 4 6-Months Fixed 10.4¢ 500 (kWh) $52.00 500 (kWh)

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Annoyed by the Confusing Bills?

Is your deregulated electricity bill too confusing to decipher? Are you paying higher than expected? Do you feel your electricity charges have turned out to be way higher than what you signed up for? Annoyed you must be! Don’t fret! Your bill may look bigger than you thought mainly because of the various fees that were eventually added to it. Let’s simplify the calculation for you with our free electricity calculator. You can use it to check and compare your current electricity charges and bills with different offers and rates from multiple providers. 


Compare Electricity Plans in Texas 

Texans can exercise their right to choose an electricity provider, thanks to the deregulated electricity market. The electric sector is divided into two parts viz. delivery and supply. Electricity providers in Texas vie for business and, therefore, offer a wide range of supply rates and term agreements for consumers. On the other hand, the company that delivers electricity to your home is referred to as a utility. Irrespective of the supplier’s electric rates in Texas, your utility controls the electrical infrastructure. Your utility is ultimately responsible for any power maintenance or failure to electric lines. So, what’s the wait for? Exercise your power to choose the best electricity provider in Texas today!


Find the Cheapest Electricity Rates in Texas

Quickly compare electricity providers in Texas and choose the supply rate that best fits your expectations and usage. By choosing your utility you can find a supply plan that goes with your needs. There are basically two types of supply plans you can choose from viz. fixed-rate supply plans and variable-rate supply plans. 


Fixed-rate vs. Variable Rate Electricity Plans

While fixed-rate plans come with price-protected rates for a given length of a term agreement. In this type of agreement, your electricity price per kWh will not change for the contract period, irrespective of the market price. The other supply plan is a variable rate in which supply rates keep changing based on the market price of electricity. Market fluctuations and seasonal changes in demand can have a direct effect on supply rates. Although variable-rate plans give you the advantage of buying electricity at lower rates, you may end up paying more than you thought when the rates increase due to high demand. 


Looking for the Best Electricity Provider in Texas?

We can help you find the best electricity provider and cheap electricity rates in Texas. All you need to do is key in your zip code and start searching. Compare the electricity deals from various providers and choose the one that best fits your requirements. 



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