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Before I tell you how to find the cheap wifi plans that match your data, speed, usage, and budget requirements, let’s quickly get to the basics to help you make an informed decision in this regard.

Home Wi-Fi – an Overview

Wi-Fi refers to Wireless Fidelity - a technology whereby you can connect multiple smart devices in your home to the internet wirelessly, without having to plug in each device to the internet socket. Let’s understand how your home Wi-Fi works? Your modem translates the signals from your ISP (Internet Service Providers). The translated signals are then distributed by your wireless router over airwaves to devices with a Wi-Fi connection.

What are the pros & cons of wireless connection?

While going wireless is an excellent way to keep all the internet devices in your home connected, the pros and cons of Wi-Fi make it great for some apps than others. So, let’s begin with the pros first. Here are the top benefits of wireless internet for your knowledge and reference:

  • Convenient – Wi-Fi is convenient and you don’t need to keep the devices hooked and connected through the cords to be able to stay online.
  • Compatible – Many devices, e.g. tablets and cellphones, don’t have a port for cabled/wired connection, hence wireless internet is the best way to connect these.
  • Range – Your Wi-Fi router can easily transmit wireless internet signals across 2,500 square feet or even larger. What’s more, you can use Wi-Fi extenders for boosting and/or amplifying wifi signals.
  • A decent home Wi-Fi router can extend wireless internet signals throughout homes of 2,500 sq. ft. or larger. And for larger or multi-floor homes, Wi-Fi extenders can boost signal range and strength.
  • Wireless is the best option to go with if you want to connect multiple mobile devices, surf the web, stream in the SD or HD, and perform light internet tasks.

Cons of wireless internet

Like every other technology or anything that comes across, Wi-Fi or wireless also has a few cons associated with it. Here’re the disadvantages of Wi-Fi you must know:

  • Reliability of signal – In comparison to a wired connection, Wi-Fi internet connections are sometimes less reliable. Occasional router malfunction and signal interference can cause disruption in Wi-Fi speeds or completely drop your internet connection.
  • Slower speeds – The two factors that affect the speed of your Wi-Fi are – wireless equipment’s quality and your proximity to your wireless equipment. Sometimes the speed maybe half of what your Ethernet connection delivers.
  • Security – Wireless internet connection is usually vulnerable to others who may also try to connect to it, in an attempt to access your personal information & device or to piggyback off the network. Safeguarding your wireless access with a strong password (a password that is not easily guessable) will help prevent such invasions. You will also need to follow the tips to secure your router as well.

When to consider a wired internet connection instead of wireless?

Wired internet is highly recommended for smart TVs, desktops, and gaming consoles because of the need for high reliability and bandwidth. Furthermore, these devices are mostly stationary, hence a wired connection is quite convenient compared to wireless. You should also consider a wired connection versus Wi-Fi when performing the speed test of the internet for accurate results.

What all ISP companies offer wireless internet in the US?

Most major ISPs (Internet Service Providers) offer wireless internet service. Many of these providers include Wi-Fi at no additional cost, but some charge an additional monthly fee for the convenience. Since you may need to install more equipment for wireless internet connection in your home, your initial and/or monthly costs may go up significantly. Some of the best wireless providers we have for you are listed here:

Found the wireless internet plan you were looking for? If yes, it’s time to set up your home internet with Wi-Fi. Not sure how to find the best yet cheap wifi plans and providers in your area? Let’s simplify it! You just need to enter your area zip code, choose the “wireless” option from the drop-down and hit the “view your plan” button to start searching for the most affordable wireless internet plans for your address. Next, you can compare the plans you shortlist and choose the one that best fits your bill.

We’ve got some of the best and very cheap wifi plans with unlimited data, high-speeds, and free modem and other equipment.

Are you in the middle of a Wi-Fi contract with another provider but want to switch?

Are you not sure whether to switch or not? You may be concerned about the “early termination fee”? Don’t worry! The cheaper plans you find here will help you ensure bigger savings that will soon compensate for the fee you pay for the early termination of your current wireless plan. We’ve some wireless internet providers that extend internet-only plans with no data caps.

Find the best Wi-Fi internet plans with unlimited data

Check the best wireless, unlimited data plans here (that may be available in your area)! We’ve accumulated some of the best Wi-Fi plans with no data caps. Find here! Or, call us to help us search the plans for your specific requirement.

Factors to consider while searching for Internet providers with unlimited Wi-Fi plans

Wireless internet is a convenient option for most of us, hence it is prudent to find the right Wi-Fi internet providers and plans for your address. When looking for the cheap wifi plans for your home, few factors are worth considering. Here are the factors for your reference:

  • Connection type & availability
  • < li class="text-sub-heading sub-text">Online activity and data usage
  • Number of internet devices
  • Required upload speeds

Several factors can influence the speed of your wireless internet, such as advertised versus actual speeds, the number of internet devices connected, type of online activities (like video streaming, downloading, etc.) and the time of the day when you are connected. If you are not sure about your speed requirements, you may chat with our internet experts 24/7 and choose the plan that best suits your needs.

What equipment will I need for my home Wi-Fi?

The devices required for Wi-Fi at your home include:

  • Modem  
  • Router  
  • Wi-Fi extenders (optional)
  • Wireless network adapter

Some of the cheap wifi plans include free modem and routers as well. Check the plans here.