Top 6 Ways to Boost Your Wi-Fi Connection in 2021

Top 6 Ways to Boost Your Wi-Fi Connection in 2021

Is your Wi-Fi network not performing up to your expectations? Or, has it gotten sluggish? No matter the reason, you can consider using one of the tools to test the internet speed. Also, there are a few tricks of the trade you can try to fix your internet problems.

Being on an important video call or presenting a webinar and getting disrupted due to an erratic Wi-Fi connection is the last thing you will ever ask for.

Bam! You are disconnected. Your internet signal dropped. Or, even if it did not drop completely, it is giving you a hard time getting it back to where you left off. So, you run for the ultimate resort now i.e. taking the rest of the call from the living room.

A sporadic Wi-Fi is the major source of disappointment and can lead to productivity loss. Don’t fret! Here is a list of six important tips you can take to boost your Wi-Fi connection in 2021, leading to an increase in internet speeds.

1. Avoid Hiring Your Router

Have you any idea why most people usually hide their routers? Simply because they are in the way or hideous. But when place a router in your closet in a cabinet, adversely affects the speed of Wi-Fi. Walls and doors can not only worsen but absorb the strength of the signal as well. Try to find a central location in your home so you can have the Wi-Fi router on a table.

Some routers are designed in a way that they project a Wi-Fi signal somewhat in a downward direction. Keep this in mind and make sure you keep the device higher off the ground. That way, the Wi-Fi signal can evenly be distributed throughout your home.

2Ensure that Your Router is Updated

You cannot expect a router with an old framework to perform better than the updated one. Hence, it is good to have your router completely updated. Doing so will work in your favor as it will have a great effect on the speed of your Wi-Fi.

Not aware of how to update your Wi-Fi framework? Or, how to check whether or not the framework of your Wi-Fi is updated? No worries! You can check the entire process online. That is because the process differs according to the router you are using for wireless network.

3It is Good to Reset on a Schedule

Although it sounds pretty simple, it is true that most tech support problems can be fixed by regularly rebooting or resetting the router. Also, it is probably the first thing your internet service provider will ask you to do when you contact them to complain. It will be better if you set the timer to reset your Wi-Fi router once a day at an off-peak time.

4A Stronger Antenna Always Works

Most Wi-Fi routers come with antennas that are not only smaller in size but are quite fragile. It is not that manufacturers are adamant about saving every cent they can, but robust antennas for Wi-Fi are usually horribly large. That is why they look pretty weird compared to the ones that come attached to your Wi-Fi.

5Use a Password for Network Protection

With more and more people counting on Wi-Fi to gain quick internet access, the hunger for open Wi-Fi networks is nothing less than the reality. If you are thinking that your neighbors will not use your Wi-Fi just because they have their own, you are mistaken. They surely will. That is why you need to ensure that your password is encrypted. Protect your Wi-Fi network with a password that cannot be easily guessed.

6Buy a New, High-end Router

Your aging router may be the reason why your Wi-Fi connection is holding back. Luckily, buying a brand new router will allow you to reap a plethora of great advantages. That way, you make a firm investment in faster internet speeds. One of the best things about a new router is it could give you enhanced features concerning home security in 2021.

Wi-Fi is a utility that’s crucial as other home services like water and electricity. However, it can be more unpredictable. The speed of your Wi-Fi may vary radically day after day, or it simply does not deliver the speed that your ISP (internet speed provider) promised you. With several perplexing factors, you might find it pretty hard to boost your Wi-Fi signal.

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