Quick Tips to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal

Quick Tips to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal

Signal interruption when in the middle of something critical or very important is absolutely annoying. Isn’t it? Sometimes the internet literally crawls and streaming becomes a mission impossible as Wi-Fi signals drop and wireless zones look virtually dead. If you have also experienced these problems, you already know how maddening the entire thing is. And, now when almost everything is becoming more and more dependent on the internet in this era of social distancing, increasing needs of reliable and dependable wireless connection is being felt more than ever before. 

If you also believe that your Wi-Fi signal is getting slower and sluggish, don’t worry because the solution is right here. The first thing you may do to ensure better and stronger Wi-Fi signals is probably look for cheap and best wireless plans that fit your need and budget. 

While you search for a cheap wireless plan in your area, let me share a few quick tips to help you boost your Wi-Fi signal. 

Select a Better Place for your Router: Not all spaces and rooms are created equal. Hence, the location of your router can have a direct impact on your Wi-Fi coverage. You may have the router out of the way, inside the cabinet, right next to the window, or elsewhere you prefer but does that work? Not always! Instead of relegating your router to the far end of your house, make sure you put it in the center of the house from where its signal can reach in every nook and corner of the house. Also, Wi-Fi routers need to be placed in open spaces where there are no walls or obstructions. You should expect a free modem or router as you subscribe to the best yet cheap wireless plans in your area. 

Use the Updated Router: Maybe your router requires an update? The manufacturers of routers keep tweaking their software to ensure more speed. Hence, you must also ensure your router is updated and you use the latest device model. Some of the cheap wireless plans include free routers and modem also, so you benefit immensely by regularly updating to newer and better plans as well. 

Go for Latest Wi-Fi Technologies:  To make your wireless run faster, you may consider using various tools to test the speed first and if you are not happy with the speed maybe you may consider other better yet low-priced Wi-Fi plan for your home or small office. Take a look at some of the cheap and best wireless plans available online at ServiceDealz

Check the Frequency: check the administrator interface of your network, and make sure to configure it for receiving optimum performance. If you’ve a dual-band router, you should expect a better throughput by moving to the 5GHz band than using the 2.4GHz band. Please talk to our wireless experts when shopping for the cheap wireless plans in your area at ServiceDealz. 

Other things you may do to ensure a faster, stronger, and reliable Wi-Fi signal for your home include:

  • More powerful antenna

  • Remove Wi-Fi leeches

  • Opt for a different wireless channel

  • Use a Wi-Fi booster, repeater, or extender

For more information and best yet cheap Wi-Fi plans for your home and small office, you may speak to our wireless experts. 

Conclusion: No longer do you need to bear that slow and sluggish Wi-Fi! Go for a better and faster wireless plan or use many of the available tools and techniques to boost your Wi-Fi signal. 

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Deepika Blogger Published On : June 26, 2020

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