How to Get Access to Your Wi-Fi Router

How to Get Access to Your Wi-Fi Router

Have a Wi-Fi network at home or office?

If so, then you can make the wireless connection to the internetwork to your advantage as it provides you flexibility and convenience. Home Wi-Fi networks are an essential element of a smart home implementation, letting communication between the devices and monitoring software takes place.

Gaining access to the settings of your wireless router can seem pretty overwhelming and not mention, extremely technical. However, logging in to your router is actually easy. There could be several reasons why you might want to gain access to your wireless router. Perhaps two of the most common reasons include firmware updates and basic wireless network adjustments.

Why do you want to gain access to your Wi-Fi router?

Well, a Wi-Fi router is a device that provides wireless access to the network. It achieves this by converting the data into radio signals coming from a modem, which is connected to the internet. Not only are these signals picked up but they are also used for communication purposes by any Wi-Fi-enabled devices within the coverage area of the network. You cannot look forward to receiving a wireless network if there is no router.

People who simply use the Wi-Fi network should not have to log into the router. In fact, it is the job of a network administrator to ensure that no average user can get access to the router. The password is the only information the majority of users would need with respect to the Wi-Fi network. And if you are required to set up and maintain the wireless network, on the other hand, you possibly have a multitude of reasons to gain access to your device. 

If millions of home Wi-Fi networks are in use, it signifies that the responsible person is not a professional network administrator. If you happen to be that in kind of a situation, you might fail to understand the significance of logging into your router. 

Read on to find some of the most crucial reasons why you might want to get access to such an important device.

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  1. Updating Security Settings

There are plenty of security settings concerning your Wi-Fi network which are administered through the router. You need to address your network security failing which will leave users and the network susceptible to the havoc which unauthorized users can wreak. Or, it can be due to malware infection. There are three different settings that can be combined to provide a protected wireless network and all of these settings can be changed from the router. These include:

  • Router login: It is the password that one needs to gain access to the router. Every router comes with a default password, so make sure you change it at the earliest to prevent unauthorized users gain unwanted access to your network.

  • Wi-Fi password: In order to access the network, users are required to enter the password. While this password was set up when the network was installed, but you need to change it for security reasons.

  • Security Mode: This is the setting you need to decide on what level of security you are wanting to keep your network protected. If you are looking to maintain a safe wifi network, make sure you always settle for the WPA2 level.

  1. Altering Network Setting

Also, there are various network settings that you may consider changing.

  • Network Name: This is the name users will see when searching for a network with which they are looking to connect. You can even change it to make it seem more evident if you find competing Wi-Fi networks in the area. Moreover, you can consider hiding the SSID, which signifies users must know the name to gain access to the Wi-Fi network.

  • Channel: You can pick the channel used by your Wi-Fi network to transmit data to the connected services. Even some routers can be set so they can find the most suitable channel automatically.

Your Wi-Fi router plays a very crucial role in your home. Not only does it check every incoming and outgoing traffic, but it controls access to your Wi-Fi network as well. If an unauthorized user gains access to that particular network, all the devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets would be compromised.

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