How Can You Improve Your Home Wireless Network Security?

How Can You Improve Your Home Wireless Network Security?

The internet plays a very crucial role in our lives, especially our home Wi-Fi networks as they not only keep our IoT devices connected but operational as well. Your smart home is replete with devices like smart security cameras, vacuum cleaners, etc. which send data to the cloud.

However, any vulnerability in wireless for home makes it easier for a hacker to sneak in. Imagine how much information the hacker can gain access to, including Wi-Fi credentials, a password for your online account, and what not. That is the reason why you should consider some vital security measures to improve your home wireless network security.

So, what is a home wireless network?

A home wireless network is the one that your ISP (internet service provider) or you install in your home. Other than being password-protected, it connects to your internet router as well as other devices using a wireless signal. In other words, this network connects an internet access point, like a cable from the best Wi-Fi providers to a router so multiple devices can be connected to the network instantly.

Let’s discuss how you can enhance the security of the home wireless network.

  1. Ensure You Use a Strong and Unique Password to Secure Your Wireless Network

You would probably know that all wireless routers come with default usernames and passwords. They can be conveniently used for the installation of the router and to complete the configuration. Default passwords can easily be guessed by hackers. This is usually the case if the hacker is able to figure out the manufacturer of the router.

Changing the username and password is an important step when it comes to securing home Wi-Fi. Make sure the password comprises of a combination of symbols, letters, and numbers. It should be at least 20 characters long.

  1. Change the Name of Your Default Home Network

If you are looking to secure the network of your home, changing the Wi-Fi network’s name, which is also called SSID (Service Set Identifier), will be your best bet. When you change the default name of your Wi-Fi, it will make it harder for potential hackers to identify what type of router you are using.

Manufacturers give the network the name of the router brand or simply assign random SSIDs. Since the network name is publicly broadcast, malicious hackers can easily figure out the vulnerabilities the router model has and then try to exploit them. So changing the name of your default Wi-Fi network is a smart move.

  1. Use a VPN to Hide Your Connection

A VPN (short for Virtual Private Network) is one of the most crucial and effective cybersecurity tools. Not only does it encode your data and hides your location but it also masks your IP address. While you can get a VPN app for all the devices you’re using, boosting your Wi-Fi home network security with the best VPNs for routers is very effective.

Once you have a VPN installed on the device (router), there is no need to install a separate VPN installed on every IoT device. Moreover, it will improve the security of your home network by adding an encryption layer on top of the Wi-Fi security.

  1. Make Sure You Turn Off the Wireless Home Network When You’re Away

You must disable the wireless home network if you want to secure the network. This is usually the case when you have not used the router for an extended period of time. In fact, consider doing it with all your devices that are using Ethernet cables or when you are not at home. 

When you do this, you are not giving any opportunity to malicious hackers to gain access to the network when you are away. It is important to know you reduce the chances of becoming a target for potential attackers by turning off network devices.

  1. Keep Your Router and IoT Software Up to Date

No doubt, the software is consistently evolving as new security flaws and vulnerabilities are exposed. This is the reason why keeping your router and software up to date is a great thing to do. Doing so gets you the benefit of the newest patches and fixes which, in turn, makes your home network secure.

  1. Hide Your Network

Changed your SSID? That’s good! If you still want to enhance your Wi-Fi security, you can do so by hiding the name of your network. 

You must keep in mind that the internet router is one of the most crucial devices in your home. Aside from being the gateway letting you access the internet, it is highly prone to exploits by hackers. You must use the above-mentioned steps to boost the home wireless network security.

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