How Can I Get My Cable TV Bill Lowered?

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Cable TV is quite expensive and getting costlier day by day. If market research reports are to be believed, the average satellite or cable bills has gone up to $107. Still 80% of US households pay for cable TV service. While most of the bills you pay on a monthly basis are unavoidable, cable is a luxury. No doubt, many of us still depend on cable TV service to get our share of entertainment, sports, news, and more. Hardly anyone of us would consider cutting the cord. Are you also like me? If yes, then here’s a piece of good news for you. You can now lower your cable TV bill. Here are a few very simple tips for you to follow. 

Research and Do Your Homework

As is the case with any big purchase you make, ensure you have done your research about the top cable TV providers in your area. You want more channels without having to pay more. Hence, check who all are offering cheapest cable TV deals in your locality. Even if you happen to come across a better deal, it might invite cancellation fee. But considering the savings you’ll eventually make with the new plan, you might be encouraged to go for it. The savings will easily offset the cancellation fee in hardly a few months. Check all the available options before settling on another cable TV subscription. 

Downsize and Cut Your Cable TV Package

Think for a while and take a note of the channels you like and actually watch. There’s a high probability that you would end up downsizing your cable TV package. A recent market research report by a trusted agency revealed, most Americans pay for 200+ channels while they watch hardly 20. So, why waste your money on channels you watch the least or probably do not watch at all? Look at the offerings from your provider to check and compare if they offer smaller packages suitable for you. 

Bundle Cable TV + Internet + Phone

One of the best and perhaps the easiest ways to reduce your cable TV bills (without cutting the cord) is to bundle telecom services in the USA. Bundling cable TV, phone, and internet services can save you big money. Most of the cable TV providers across the USA often run promotions on telecom bundles. You can easily find the cheapest cable TV, internet, and phone bundles in the USA online at ServiceDealz. All you need to do is enter your zip code and begin the search for the best telecom bundles in your area. You need a little bit of time and patience to lower your cable TV bills via bundling. 

Say Goodbye to Modem and DVR

Most cable TV providers impose an additional monthly surcharge for lending you the DVR (digital video recorder) – ranging anywhere between $5 and $19.99 a month. Think Am I actually getting worth the money I spend for my DVR service? What if you watch your favorite shows on-demand the other day rather than recording them? So, is there actually any need of DVR? Probably you would be better off with buying your own to record broadcasts on various major networks. 

Many cable TV companies impose additional modem charges they provide when you bundle internet along with the cable TV. Take a look at your bill to check if that’s the case with you as well. If it is, consider buying and using your own modem for way cheaper rates than the cost of renting the DVR or modem of your cable company. And the best part is it is yours so you don’t even need to return it ever. Keep it!

Reduce to One Cable TV Box

What happens in most households is they pay their cable TV providers in the USA for multiple cable TV boxes in rooms across the house, but usually watch TV together on one. The cost of additional cable TV boxes ranges anywhere around $3-$15 every month for additional cable TV boxes for multiple rooms across your house. Think if cable TV that important in the kitchen? Slim down to just one cable TV box to lower your cable TV bill and, eventually, reduce your overall screen time and TV consumption. 

Negotiate, Bargain and Grab the Better Deal

Probably you didn’t realize that but your cable TV bills are quite negotiable. If you are a negotiator, bargainer or sweet-talker, try convincing your cable TV provider’s customer support reps into giving you a promotional or discounted rate or maybe waiving some fees. It completely depends on who you get to speak with on the phone. Hence, don’t hesitate calling multiple times until you happen to meet the right representative on the phone who understands your concern. 

Consider Cutting the Cord

While you can bring your cable TV bill down by slimming down your package, you may completely cut the cord to ensure bigger savings. Live streaming of broadcast networks and cable TV is now available for a fraction of traditional cable TV package’s cost. This simply means you can enjoy streaming of your favorite shows and programs wherever you are. What’s more, you get on-demand content. Another trend fast catching on these days is that of over the air antennas. This way you can enjoy watching high-definition broadcasts of major networks available in your area. Thanks to live streaming, watching premium video content isn’t as expensive as it used to be with traditional cable TV packages. Search online and compare cable TV, internet, phone bundles in your area to ensure bigger savings without cutting down your entertainment quotient.

Where to Find the Best Cable TV, Internet, Phone Bundles in the USA?

There are two ways – One is you can search the web and compare telecom bundles from multiple providers but that is full of hassle and still, there’s no guarantee that you will get the deals you actually deserve. The other better option is to visit ServiceDealz and check the cable TV, internet, phone bundles in your area and avoid all the hassle yet ensure bigger savings. 


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