Cable TV vs Satellite TV – a Quick Comparison

Cable TV vs Satellite TV

Satellite and cable TV are different in many ways. The biggest difference is in the way they deliver TV programming. 

  • Cable TV uses analog transmission, whereas satellite TV uses digital transmission. 

  • Cable TV is highly suitable for people who don’t want to get into a long-term contract. 

  • Cable TV is least likely to be affected by the bad weather, but it’s more expensive compared to satellite TV. On the other hand, Satellite TV is cheaper but its signal may be disrupted due to bad weather or obstruction around the dish. 

  • The availability of satellite and cable TV services is another difference. Cable TV is available exclusively in the areas where cable TV providers offer their services, whereas satellite TV can be used wherever a dish can be installed. But, the constraint here is that the dish has to be installed facing South only.


You need the help of an expert technician to install cable TV in your home. To have more than basic cable, you’ll need to rent a cable box and remote controller from your cable TV provider in the USA. In case, you have the cable line installed in your home, such as internet service from the same provider, you can install the cable TV yourself. That is why; most users prefer cable TV and internet bundles than opting for one service from one provider. 

Satellite TV installation, on the other hand, is easier and you can also do it yourself. It requires you to install a satellite dish either on the roof or the side of the house. The dish, however, must be facing South and this is a non-negotiable condition of having satellite TV. This can be an issue for those living in an apartment with the wall to the South shared with the neighbor. Furthermore, you may end up spending a lot of time trying to self-install the dish. Typically, you may have to return the equipment when the service terminates but there are many companies that make an exception in case the antenna is not easily reachable.


Usually, cable TV signal isn’t disrupted unless the entire cable TV system crashes or the cable lines are cut off somewhere along their way into your home. A satellite TV, however, will lose signal if there’s any obstruction around the dish or satellite (clouds, heavy rain, building, tree, wires, etc.) A securely mounted satellite TV dish facing Southern sky can only save your TV from bad reception as long as the weather is favorable.

Cost Factor

While the Satellite may look cheaper, you may have to limit your TV viewing experience only to the channels listed on your Satellite TV plan and package. With cheaper cable tv plans available online at our website, however, you can keep your costs of TV viewing under control while enjoying as many channels as you like. You can search for the cheapest cable tv plans in your area, compare the rates, and shop for the best plan according to your preference. 


Cable TV coverage area is mostly restricted to the cities and urban areas, excluding rural areas. Whereas, satellite TV can be installed anywhere but the only condition is that you should keep your dish facing Southwards (without any obstruction).


While satellite and cable usually offer the same channels, satellite TV is quite cheaper. You can receive east & west coast feeds through satellite TV. In addition, alternate sports channels and several international channels are also offered by the satellite.

Cable TV and Internet Bundles

Most cable TV companies offer internet and phone bundles with TV subscriptions. Bundles turn out to be way cheaper and less than what you would have to pay should you go for each service individually. However, you may ask for a tailored package for both satellite TV and cable TV.

Wrapping Up

While cable offers enough flexibility and demands lesser equipment to install, it offers a wide range of packages. Furthermore, with cable TV, you are not bound by a long-term contract, which means you can change your cable TV provider and opt for a cheaper cable TV plan anytime you need. For those living in the urban parts of the country, the cable is the default and better option but for those living in rural areas where cable TV isn’t available, the satellite is the only choice as long as the Southern sky is clearly visible from their residence.  But, since satellite TV is prone to the interferences caused by bad weather, cable TV is recommended for those who want to enjoy uninterrupted TV viewing.

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