Should I Opt for Cable TV or Satellite TV for My Home?

Cable TV or Satellite TV for My Home

Are you brooding over the two options available to help you enjoy your favorite TV shows and other programs? The choice between satellite TV and cable can be quite confusing and tempting as well due to a lot of reasons. But before you jump to a decision and choose a cable TV plan or a satellite one, make sure you know the difference and the pros & cons of both well. Here is a quick overview of the difference between the two for your quick reference.

Cable TV makes use of analog transmission and satellite uses digital transmission. Also, cable TV is excellent for those who aren’t interested in getting in to a long-term contract. While bad weather can hardly affect the quality or relay of cable TV, it tends to be costlier than satellite. In comparison, satellite TV is quite cheaper whereas its signal is easily disrupted when the weather turns bad or there’s even a small obstruction around it.  Furthermore, cable TV isn’t available everywhere whereas satellite TV can be installed wherever you need and where you have some space to install your dish. However, it is important to note that your dish must face the South to ensure an uninterrupted signal.

How do you install cable TV or satellite TV?

To install cable TV at home, you will need the help of professionals. And if you need more than basic cable TV, you will need to rent a cable TV box and a remote controller as well from your cable TV provider. If you have a cable line running in your home (may be for internet connection), you can do the cable TV installation by yourself. Hence, a lot of users bundle cable TV and the internet instead of taking any of these services standalone.

 On the other hand, to install satellite TV, you don’t need a professional’s help. You can do it yourself too! All it needs is to find the right place to install your satellite dish – which could be either on the rooftop or the side of your house. The dish, as mentioned above, must be South facing. If your apartment has a wall to the South shared with another apartment, chances are you may find it difficult to receive satellite signals. Also, it might not be a great idea to go for the self-installation of the satellite, no matter how easy you think it will be.

Clear reception could be another issue if you go for satellite TV. Cable TV, mostly, delivers a clear signal unless the entire cable lines are cut off or the cable system has crashed completely. But, even heavy rain, clouds, and certain weather conditions are enough to kill your satellite signal. And, if we talk about the cost factor, cable TV tends to be costlier than satellite TV. But the truth is the cost is adjusted with you not even thinking about other factors, such as with cable TV you get to see so many channels whereas satellite TV comes with limited channels depending on your satellite TV plan & package. However, at ServiceDealz, we have brought some of the best and very cheap cable TV plans that you can shop for and enjoy great quality, low cost, and have unlimited fun with your loved ones watching the shows you like the most.

We encourage you to search for the cheap and best cable TV plans in your area, compare cable TV plans & rates, and shop for the cheap & best cable TV plan as per your preference. When it comes to choosing between the two (cable TV and satellite TV), coverage is one of the most important criteria. Cable TV coverage area is restricted to the cities and urban areas, and it doesn’t cover rural areas. On the other hand, you can install satellite TV anywhere. The only condition, however, is to keep your dish South facing and with no obstruction.

Watching TV is one of the easiest and most preferred ways of staying entertained and having some cool, relaxed time with our loved ones at home. And, these days when most of us don’t really want to go out unless it is absolutely necessary (due to the global pandemic), TV helps us stay entertained and informed right in the comforts and safety of our homes.

At ServiceDealz, we strive to help you find the cheap cable TV plans so you get to watch more of your favorite TV programs without paying bigger bills for the entertainment. You can look for the cheap and best cable TV plans in your area by simply keying in your area zip code and begin your search for the best yet cheap cable TV plans. The next thing you need to do is compare cable TV rates and choose the plan that fits your budget and expectations.

Conclusion:  There are many factors that may play a big role in your decision of choosing cable TV or Satellite TV. With ServiceDealz, you can choose better and save more! Call us for helping you choose super saver cable TV deals now!

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