Top 7 advantages of cable tv to consider before you cut the cord

7 advantages of cable tv to consider before you cut the cord

The days when a cable TV subscription was viewed as one of the best and most valued amenities to have are long gone. It used to be the most preferred way people could stay up to date with their favorite TV shows, movies, and live sports. There is no question that cable TV has long been the prime source of televised entertainment for the majority of households in the United States. With just a push of your remote button, you can access TV programs you like to view the most.

There are numerous reasons why you might be thinking about cutting the cord. Maybe you are not having a great experience with your cable service provider. Costs can shoot up very quickly after the promotion period. You may find it hard to negotiate on the cost making you think about the cord cutting. Moreover, you might be having a hard time dealing with your household expenses. While all of these reasons make sense, you must take seven of the biggest advantages of cable TV into account before making a decision.

Let’s dig in.

  1. A Great Range of Television Channels

The majority of cable companies offer a great range of TV channels. There are some service providers that offer their plans with the finest entertainment channels like HBO and SHOWTIME. If you terminate the service due to some reason or the other, you won’t be able to watch your favorite TV shows and movies. In fact, you will have to pay extra costs to watch them.

If you like to stream new movies on your cable TV daily after you come back home from work, you need to rethink your decision about having the cord cut. How will you be able to enjoy your evenings once you don’t have this service anymore?

  1. No Need for Internet Connection

What if everything in your house was functioning on a reliable internet connection? Would you not feel stressed if you lose the connection? Of course yes! You would know that streaming services extensively rely on a strong internet connection. And if you happen to lose the connection for any reason, you will miss out on your TV entertainment as well. 

It is important to know that the performance of an internet connection depends on a number of factors, including peak time network traffic, speed your service cheap cable TV provider delivers, bandwidth, and the number of devices connected to the in-home network. It is more likely to face interruptions from time to time when any of these crucial factors are compromised. It means you will not be able to stream until the internet connection is restored.

That is where the role of a cable TV subscription comes in! No longer will you have to worry about having no internet in your house. You will still be able to make the most of TV entertainment.

  1. Affordable Package Options

Cable subscriptions give a wide spectrum of channel lineups which allows you to pick a package that suits your lifestyle in the best possible way. There are some cable TV service providers that let you customize your TV package than opting for the pre-designed one. This way you would be able to choose a lower-end channel lineup for covering your TV essentials, and then add on a premium entertainment channel or your favorite sports network. 

Doing so will let you pay only for what you watch and not for the networks you hardly get time to tune into. Thus, opting for a tailored TV package refrains you from spending lots of money on huge packages that are not required for your lifestyle.

  1. Save with Bundles

One of the greatest advantages of a cable TV subscription is the bundle and flexibility of the plan. Most of the cable providers provide internet and phone services other than TV services. It signifies you can combine TV with internet and/or phone service to save a great deal of money. Not only are bundle offers competitively priced, but they also allow you to manage numerous services under one bill. It saves you the hassle of checking multiple bills for connectivity services.

Users interact with leading cable service providers in my area since it helps them gain access to reliable and faster internet connections. Every user has various reasons for taking a subscription to cable service. Some users subscribe to a service to make the most of blazing speed internet along with a few cable channels. 

Are you a subscriber of a bundling package? Rarely watch TV?

If so, think about the drawbacks of cutting the cord. You can stream Netflix because of the faster internet speed. If you terminate this service, have you thought about how you will be paying for costly internet service?

Also, you will lose your occasional TV entertainment if you go ahead with your decision of cord-cutting. Keeping it in mind, bundling is the best possible option for lowering monthly costs. According to your lifestyle, you can opt for a bundle as cable companies offer greater flexibility concerning channel range and internet speed.

  1. Streaming and On-Demand

In this age of Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, the majority of people out there think that cable TV is outdated. They want to cut the cord of their cable TV. That’s simply not true! A lot of cable providers have chosen advanced technologies to remain in the competition. These companies offer on-demand movies as well as TV episodes that you can watch any time.

There is plenty of movies and series available on-demand. Cable TV service providers have smartphone apps for Android and iOS which allow you to stream on-demand movies and show anytime you want, irrespective of your location.

  1. Pay-per-View Option

If you want to watch the best movies, look no further than Pay-per-view – a great option. Special events, such as wrestle mania, boxing, and UFC can be watched on cable TV pay-per-view. If you are a die-hard fan of such sporting events, think twice before you make up your mind about cutting the cord of your cable TV service.

  1. Live Programs and Events

No online streaming service allows you to make the most of live events like cable TV does. If you are fond of entertainment, cable TV will ensure you don’t miss even a single moment of Oscars or Grammys. With a reliable cable TV service, you can watch live programming – your most-watched sports events, award shows, holiday specials, and many more. 

Cable TV has undoubtedly been one of the pioneer sources when it comes to TV entertainment. As there has been rapid advancement in telecommunication technology, cable TV is facing cut-throat competition from a number of video streaming websites as well as platforms. These include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Dailymotion, YouTube, and many more. Cable service providers in my area have grown immensely over the years providing enhanced features and convenience to the users.

Don’t Cut the Cord Yet!

No matter your reason to get rid of the cable is convenience and flexibility or cost reduction, we would recommend you to think over the decision of cord-cutting again. You will have to pay for services like Amazon and Netflix to keep yourself entertained. As well, you will have to subscribe to an internet service with a reliable and faster speed for using these two services. Isn’t it a great option to enjoy your favorite TV shows by choosing a cable TV service bundling option?

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