Is your web browser slowing you down? Find out which browsers are best and why!

Best web browsers in 2020

Are you facing a lot of problems while surfing? Do you know the reason? Well, it might be your web browser! Slow web browser can make your surfing experience painful. To the rescue, you can switch to other browsers that are comparatively faster and can make your surfing experience smooth! And when looking out for options in web browsers, you need to pay extra heed on performance, feature sets, and privacy tools.

Here, we will help you find the best web browser and you can easily choose the one that best fits your needs! As of now, you need to know that chromium edge and chrome are the best web browser in 2020. But, if you don't want to prefer them, there are several alternatives that you can choose from! Now let's quickly dig in to learn more about some of the best web browsers! 

Some Best Browsers for Internet Surfing

Chrome: It is one of the commonly used web browsers these days. Also, it can be said that it is a favorite among millions of users. Moreover, these internet surfing apps by Google aces the metrics charts of both StatCounter and NetMarketShare by a huge margin. There is no doubt that Google’s browser has built an exceptional fan base and the entire credit goes to its huge extensions library, and also it is true that it just gets out of your way to put the focus on web content, rather than browser’s trimmings and that is such a huge thing, to be honest! 

Technology keeps changing and updating new features has become mandatory to keep the users engaging. Similarly, many changes were made in this web browser and it isn't much as simplistic as it once was, but let's not forget it's still very easy to use chrome browser. The perfect example is that even a 5-year-old kid can search on chrome browser. As there is nothing much to understand as there is only a URL bar that is also known as the OmniBar.Additionally, it has a plus space for extensions, a bookmarking icon, tabs, and that’s a few features it consists of. Maybe this is why it is one of the easiest browsers to use. But, Google manages to find a way to hide all kinds of features inside the browser, including deep integration with Google’s services. It is capable of syncing bookmarks, passwords, open tabs, and much more in the device itself. One of the best features in Chrome is that it also has multi-access support for a family computer by default PDF viewer, Google Translate function, a task manager, and it also has the simplest paste and done feature. 

Firefox:If you are someone who loves extensibility but are looking for privacy, Mozilla Firefox can be your ideal web browser. Moreover, Firefox made a way for various browsers to become extensible. This is not all, it's extensive architecture offers many choices to its users. It also has a sync feature to keep an eye on the recent tabs, browsing history, bookmarks across various devices.

It is a great web browser to use and it is simultaneously continuing the quantum era that eventually started with version 57. It brought a new and updated design with renewed icons and an exclusive library section that stores the browser history, download list, and synced tabs. It has some exceptional abilities to use the window's 10 native sharing tool, a unique screenshot tool, and a task manager. Plus, the key feature of Mozilla Firefox is its incognito mode. 

Opera: There was a time when chrome was not introduced. At that time, opera was the favorite choice amongst users. But now, it is one of the under-rated web browsers that have very few users in comparison to other browsers. Additionally, it has a built-in VPN, but it is not recommended to use it. Moreover, it has built-in ad and tracker blocking, a snapshot tool, a unit convertor to calculate time zones and currency. However, the mobile application of opera has a built-in cryptocurrency wallet. 

It has special features like its own take on the social sidebar with one-click access to various services like Whatsapp, telegram, messenger, and more. Alike, chrome and other web browsers, it also has devices sync features. 

Microsoft Edge: It is not known by many as its name has changed. Edge is now known as chromium edge. However, nowadays, the new version is not bundled with Windows 10 but, if installing it from Microsoft site, it will automatically replace the legacy with the new chromium-browser located on the desktop. The Performance of Chromium Edge is on another level when compared with Chrome and Opera, however, it also has similar functionality. 

This indicates all the extensions from the chrome web store are available, but they are not built-in. With the older version of edge, extensions come from the Microsoft Store, but it is possible to add or install Chrome extensions by typing edge://extensions into the URL bar and by simply pressing the enter button on the keyboard. Now further on, click the Allow extensions from other stores button, a pop window will appear now, click on the allow button, and now, you need to visit the chrome web store, and soon you can use it as you use it on chrome. 

The Final Thoughts!

Well, its time to find out who wins the race of being the best web browser for the year. Let’s have a look at the results!

Tadaaaa! and the winner is Chromium edge, the second place is for Google Chrome as it’s not that far from the edge! Well, this could also be considered as a tie but, in some of the tests, the edge is slightly ahead! So the crown winner is the edge for sure! Firefox holds third place and Opera holds the last place in the race! This is all for today, for more such information, stay connected and keep an eye on our newly updated content. If you found this helpful, do let us know!

Disclaimer:The information stated above in the blog is completely based on primary and secondary research using the internet. This might vary with time and we don’t hold any responsibility for the same. In case of any doubt, feel free to contact our experts to get a clear perception. 

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