Slow Internet? Check Your Modem & Router!

Slow Internet? Check Your Modem & Router!

Are you frustrated due to the slow speed of the internet in your home? It is quite natural to feel annoyed when your online activities either pause or come to a standstill when you are in the middle of downloading, uploading, running, watching, or reading something really important. Do you think it is time to look for another better high-speed internet option in your area? Maybe you are thinking right but do you know your modem and router can be the cause behind your slower internet? So, before you pick and shop for a high-speed internet plan, you should try rebooting your modem and router.

Now you may wonder why a website like ServiceDealz would not advise you to go for another cheap and high-speed internet plan and suggest you reboot your modem & browser instead? The answer is simple and it is our commitment to helping all our valued customers enjoy uninterrupted internet at the most reasonable rates. We aren’t here to only sell the deals, instead we strive to help you save money and get the best of home services under the same roof.

Let’s get back to the discussion about rebooting your modem and router and why you should do it? The first thing you need to do is turn your router and modem off and on once. You might laugh at this advice thinking how common it is but honestly, it works most of the time. Rebooting your router and modem can help you do away with tech glitches. How? Let me explain further. When you restart the system, the data that is stored temporarily is wiped out and your software returns to a clean and pure state to be run normally once again, say the experts.

In other words, rebooting your router and modem can help you get uninterrupted connectivity to the internet that makes it easier to stream videos, have video calls, download files, and more. If you have ever observed, many devices are programmed in such a manner that they automatically reboot after a certain duration to keep such prevent the issues of performance and speed. If you want, you can set up a scheduler to reboot your equipment at home. This will save you from the hassle of remembering the time to reboot and the hassle you may have to undergo if you miss the reboot on time.

Some of the amazing benefits of rebooting your router and modem include improved internet speed, enhanced Wi-Fi signal, ensure non-stop video streaming, and disrupt malware (just in case your router is hacked). Rebooting your equipment is highly recommended on a regular basis, especially if you are facing internet speed and performance issues regularly. While rebooting is a great way to keep your equipment running fine, it is not the best option to go with if you want your router and modem to live longer.

Is rebooting not helpful?

If you discover that despite regularly restarting your equipment is of no help in speeding up your internet, then probably it is time that you go for a high-speed internet plan. The issue might be with your internet plan or provider rather than your router and modem.

How do I find cheap, high-speed internet plans in my area?

With ServiceDealz bringing the cheap, high-speed internet plans from top internet providers, you do not need to worry about searching for the best internet option in your area. We believe in making the process hassle-free and enjoyable to all our customers. All you are required to do is enter your zip code, explore the deals that are brought forth, compare internet plans, and shop for the plan that best fits your budget, data usage, and speed expectations.

Can I switch to a high-speed internet plan now?

Yes, you can make a service switch anytime. The only thing you need to check is the contract you’re your existing service provider. See, if there is still some time for it to complete? If there are just a few days left, then I would suggest waiting for the contract term to end first. But if there are still many months to go, maybe early termination is the only way to get a high-speed internet plan. There are many high-speed yet low-cost internet options you can explore and choose from to enjoy blazing fast internet at most affordable rates. And when you shop for a plan that is cheaper than your current plan, the cost you pay as an early termination fee will be recovered in a few months of getting the new connection. And if you get a slightly costlier internet connection but the speed is exactly what you were looking for, then probably this is not a bad bargain either.

Conclusion: If you are not happy with the speed of your internet, there are two things you can do. Number one, try rebooting your modem and router. Number two, switch to a high-speed internet plan in your area.

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