Residential vs. Business Internet – Understanding the Difference


Have a small office at home? Or, are you running a small business? No matter the reason, you may be wondering if your existing residential internet is enough. At ServiceDealz – a leading digital deal hunting platform – we understand that nothing could be more annoying than a slow internet connection. Erratic internet spoil weekend plans if you plan to catch up on the latest flick on Netflix. Also, it can make your small-scale home-based business come to a hard stop affecting the productivity and customer relationships.

Selecting the cheap internet plan for your home can be tricky, and you need to consider several things, including:

  • How many devices are you looking to connect to the internet at the same time?

  • How much speed Mbps will you need?

  • Is cost the main factor while shopping for an internet connection?

  • Are you interested in getting a bundle plan or a standalone service?

  • How many employees are likely to use the service?

In fact, it gets more confusing if you have a home office or you conduct a small business from your home. So we have listed why switching to a business internet from residential solution may be the most practical solution to losing potential customers through a slower internet connection.

To help you in the best possible manner, we have compiled a list of crucial things that will help you understand the difference between residential and business internet.

  1. Internet Speed

Speed is the first thing we think of when it comes to getting ourselves a reliable internet connection. Business internet packages are combined with usually faster speeds compared to residential internet packages. It pays to opt for a business package as it provides you with greater uploading speeds, which will make the online updating, posting, and video conferencing uninterruptable. In fact, your ISP (short for internet service provider) will focus on providing top-notch customer support and accommodate for great speeds. 

  1. Static IP Address

A business internet connection usually comes with a static Internet Protocol (IP) address, permanent number which is assigned by the ISP. If it is not included in the connection, then you can add a static IP when you are setting up your service. Also known as a fixed address, a static IP address is considered for hosting a website or email server from your location. 

Since static IP address is highly reliable and secure, it provides the business with the capacity for hosting its network infrastructure for file storage as well as server. It is crucial for any business because in this era of remote working, one can gain access to a computer remotely, run a website, or host a server through a stable IP address.

  1. Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Usually known as the Service Level Agreement, it is a must for business transactions. An SLA is a contract between the internet service provider and its user about the services to be provided by the ISP. Also, it defines the performance standards. Internet service providers place greater emphasis on using SLAs so they can set customer expectations.

If you purchase business internet, you will get an SLA – it means that the ISP will refund your money if they fail to deliver the commitments as agreed upon. Residential internet users can accept the loss of an internet connection. Business owners, on the other hand, can face a great loss if their internet connection is disrupted.

  1. Dedicated Internet Access

When it comes to selecting a business internet connection, people have the option of choosing a dedicated internet line connecting their office exclusively. As the name indicates, dedicated access lines mean you don’t share your lines with anybody, which results in a great, committed speed and a highly secure connection.

  1. Secure Connection

Growing interconnectivity has led to great security concerns. Security has become a very crucial factor not only for residential but business internet users as well. ISPs go the extra mile to ensure the safety and security of data. Business internet packages are coupled with business-focused security software to ensure internet data transmission is safe and secure. 

  1. Customer Service

Since business internet connection often comes with an SLA covering customer support, it comes as no surprise that customer service is really outstanding. You can even opt for the plan including VIP customer support but that depends on the business internet package you opt for.

Not only do business internet connections have quicker but also dedicated customer response teams. All companies get a dedicated account manager to offer them the most comprehensive solution to their internet problems.

If you are looking to check out the options available in your area, contact ServiceDealz for cheap internet plans. Just enter your zip code and you will be directed to the cheapest internet plans available.

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