Lowest Internet Plans Are Quite Accessible Now!

Lowest Internet Plans

Internet is amongst those luxuries we desperately and truly need but rarely want to pay for it. This is the reason why we all look for the lowest internet plans that help us save money and get high-speed internet without having to pay too much for it.  Free internet is something we can only dream of but there are ways to get the lowest internet plans. All you need to do is a little bit of research and homework to avail of these money saver plans.

We work in cooperation with the top internet providers across the nation, so you get the lowest internet plan with desirable speed, data, etc. You can search for the internet plans with ServiceDealz using your zip code, compare the lowest internet plans, and shop for the plans that meet your expectations.

Average Advertised Internet Cost and Speed in the USA

As an internet user, you might wonder how your internet bill should look like. The average advertised internet service in the US may cost you roughly $50 per month and this is what you get during the promotional offers. The cost may cross $60 per month as well. But that doesn’t mean you would blame your internet provider for charging too high for the internet you use at home/office. Also, you need to know that this average estimated cost doesn’t include the bundled discounts or additional fee. If you consider the general speed rule, then 25 Mbps is a pretty good speed for basic internet use, with a little bit of streaming also allowed at this speed. But you may have to face some buffering during the peak hours and sometimes the wait for your favorite Netflix show may kill your patience levels. The speed may become further sluggish if you have more people at your home with more devices connected through the Wi-Fi. In that case, you would better do with a faster internet package.

Most providers advertise the internet-only packages with speeds up to 600 Mbps but it is further skewed by faster speeds like 940 Mbps offered in a few areas but not available everywhere. If you don’t have that fast speed in your area, no need to worry. Think if you really need that blazing fast speed? If you do, then be ready to shell out some additional fee every month and you can manage with a bit slower speeds, you can easily find the lowest internet plans from multiple providers online. Sometimes the speed of 40 Mbps is enough for a household with four people sharing the web.

Lowest Internet Plans and Packages for All

The availability of internet packages varies across locations (as already mentioned above). When you opt for the lowest internet plans, it means you will have to pay fewer dollars per Mbps. High-end packages that assure faster speeds may cost you high but deliver more megabits per second per dollar. Consider buying in bulk if you want more Mbps for less. Or, you may even bundle the internet with cable TV and phone to save more while you enjoy more of the internet, TV viewing, and talking on the phone.

What’s your speed requirement?  

Since the price of the internet depends majorly on the speed you want, it is important to think about and decide the speed you need from your lowest internet plans. We recommend you to check the plans by the speed in your area at our website or mobile app. To be able to decide your near-exact speed requirement, you need to bear two things in mind. The first is the number of device you’ll connect to the internet and second is the activities that will be performed on these devices. Remember, once you’ve got the internet connection in your home, almost all the devices that are internet-enabled will use it. Hence, the more devices in your house, the more speed you’d need. Some activities, such as HD streaming, downloading, need faster speeds. If you think logically, your speed requirement can multiply due to only these two factors. For example, if two people start streaming HD at once and the other two members in the family start accessing social media and watch videos and play games, your slow internet can become a challenge for all of them. But if you are looking for the lowest internet plan, you must be ready to compromise with the speed to some extent.

You should go for the lowest internet plans if you aren’t going to use too much of it and if the purpose is more basic, such as web browsing, email checking, internet searching, social media, etc. And depending on your speed expectations and data usage, you can choose from different types of the internet such as fiber-optic, DSL (Digital Subscriber Line), and cable internet, among others.

Search for the lowest internet plans here at ServiceDealz and if you aren’t sure how to do it, we are always available for assistance. Call us or chat with our support staff 24/7.

Conclusion:The cost of the internet is based upon the type of internet you choose and your speed and data requirements. So, always compare your options before entering a contract with your internet provider. 

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