Internet Only Plans or Bundles? What’s Better?

Internet Only Plans or Bundles

Internet only plans are highly recommended for businesses and households in the current scenario when we all are carrying out maximum tasks, both personal and professional, right online. The global pandemic has locked us indoors and most of us are working from home. Hence, it makes sense to opt for internet only plans that bring along unlimited data and fast downloading speeds. Whether you enjoy live streaming of videos or you like sharing your latest WFH pictures and videos with your friends on different social media platforms, you would do good with internet only plans.

But if you have kids at home and other family members whose nature of the job doesn’t allow them to work from home, you cannot make all of them happy with your internet only plans no matter how amazingly fast download and upload speeds it offers. In that case, you would better opt for the internet, cable TV, and phone bundles. Bundling multiple services is the easiest way to enjoy more of TV viewing, talking and connecting with your loved ones when you are self-quarantined for the good of humanity and for yourself, above all. So, let the little one and other family members have a ball when you are busy watching the climax of your favorite web series on your mobile device or completing that urgent office work while working from home! There are great bundled plans you can choose from.

Compared to internet only plans, you may expect many perks on choosing bundled services. And since most internet providers also offer cable TV and phone services as well, these days, you can expect some great discounts and offers from your provider on choosing bundled services as opposed to internet only plans. So, you don’t need to cut the cords to keep your TV expenses under control. These plans are meant to help you enjoy more entertainment, more talk-time, and uninterrupted internet connectivity without breaking the banks. Most internet providers offer other services as well, such as cable TV and phone/voice. So, you can easily bundle multiple services to increase your savings.

What’s bundling?

If you don’t already know, bundling (as the name indicates) refers to packaging two or more services, like the internet, cable TV, and phone, at discounted rates from the same provider (sometimes your provider may allow you to bundle the services from partnering providers as well). Most of the time, a double bundle refers to the internet and cable TV bundle and a triple bundle is used for internet, cable TV, and phone/voice bundles. Other customized bundles are also made available by different providers.

Some of the pros of shopping for bundled services rather than just internet only plans include one-stop shopping (there is no need to explore the websites of multiple providers for different services and all services are bundled in one from the same provider), one bill (no need to remember the dates of paying different bills), more channels and faster downloads (it’s a win-win for the customers who want faster internet and more channels), and most importantly the promotional offers.

On the other hand, the cons of bundling may include increased prices (since many bundles come at discounted rates and promotional offers make them look cheaper initially, you may realize they are quite costly when the promotion period is over), and contract requirements (some companies would give you the lowest rates and interesting offers but then they get you to sign a contract, which is sometimes not the best idea to go with).

However, most people look for internet only plans to get high-speeds with no data caps and to actually rid themselves of the bills associated with multiple channel subscriptions while still enjoying more of the latest TV shows and unlimited fun without being glued to the idiot box. When it comes to the best internet only plans in your area, you can find them using your zip code (with ServiceDealz). Depending on the available internet options in your area, you can find some of the cheapest internet only plans with costs ranging from just $19.99 to $49.99 per month.

If you are looking for high-tiered internet only plans, then probably you will have to raise your budget a little bit. Typical internet plans are available at $100 or more. The powerful search engine of ServiceDealz will find the best internet only plans in your area. All you need to do is enter your area zip code and have the most relevant deals in your area listed right on your mobile/laptop/notebook screen. You can then compare the plans considering your speed, data, and budget expectations. Place an order to shop and switch to a better and cheaper internet only plan with ServiceDealz – it’s easy as 1-2-3! 

Here, you will get the best internet only plans as well as bundle options for your home and/or office. If you think finding the right plan isn’t as easy as it sounds, we are here to help you out. Drop us an email or chat with our support staff to find that supersaver and best internet only or bundle deal for your address! You may talk with our experts to discuss your internet usage and data requirements and we will find the cheapest and best internet only plans for you to take your pick from.  If you are facing any difficulty in placing the order or you have any other issue or complaint that you want to share with us, call us! I hope this post was useful. Please share your thoughts.

Disclaimer:  The Selection of internet only plans will largely depend on your requirements – of data, speed, and other specifications. You can compare the options you find on our website to be able to decide and choose better. The information in the post above is based on our research and discussion with our experts and existing customers. The choice of bundling multiple services or going for internet only plan is solely yours. So, choose wisely!

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