A Quick Guide to Parental Control on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu

Guide to Parental Control on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu

Are you concerned about what your kids watching on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu? As parents, the worry is quite justified. Thankfully, you can easily prevent your kids from watching inapt content.

Netflix offers an ocean of entertainment for children. But, at the same time, it has tons of mature shows streaming online and the chances of your kid stumbling upon such age-inappropriate content are quite high. To help parents ensure that their kids do not end up seeing something they shouldn’t, Netflix has updated its parental controls recently in April 2020 with more and more kids using the internet for studying online classes, and other learning activities due to the current state of affairs. Parents can now PIN-protect their kids’ profiles using these controls on Netflix. This ensures children can only see and access their own user-profiles and cannot change the restrictions set by their parents on the content.

You (the parent) can enable some parental controls using the Netflix app but you’ll see more options as you go through your account on a browser. Parental controls are only one way to restrict what your kids view and help the child learn to make appropriate choices and efficiently manage their screen time on their own.  Here’s a quick easy guide to setting up parental controls on Netflix:

Parental Control Setting on Netflix:

Go to your profile:

Login -> click on your profile icon -> click Account

Scroll down

In the settings, click on Parental Controls

Key in your Netflix password -> go to your profile.

Choose the maturity ratings for yourself from the drop-down

Check the box under Profile Lock -> type a PIN

Now go to your kid's profile:

Or, create one if you haven’t don’t that already.

Follow the same steps and choose the most appropriate rating from the drop-down (e.g. TV-Y (6 and Under); TV-G (general audience), etc. These restrictions are set as per the MPAA & TV rating systems. Ensure to enable Netflix Kids experience in case you expect your child to be interacting independently on Netflix. Enabling kids experience prevents access to other settings and offers a simple interface. Also, make sure you enable profile lock and choose a PIN for your kids to access their profile.

Once you are done, just Apply all the changes.

You can restrict specific titles, irrespective of what maturity rating is assigned to them, by going to your account page and clicking on the profile you want to block specific titles for.

View Restrictions

Type the titles you wish to block in the box under Title Restrictions. (on this page, you may enable Kids experience as well.)

Click on Save and there you go!

Important information: Don’t forget to lock each profile, create each PIN differently, and don't reveal your PIN to kids. It is also advisable that you do not share your Netflix password with kids! By sharing the password or PIN, you will allow your kids an opportunity to enter parental control settings and change them in case they are hell-bent to watch something you have restricted their access to.

Parental Control Setting on Amazon Prime:

Just as Netflix has all sorts of content moving in there, the same is the case with Amazon Prime, and, therefore, you would do good by restricting access to the content for your kids. Here’re the easiest steps you need to follow in order to set up parental controls on Amazon Prime

With Prime Video restrictions, you can limit playback of content on various devices on which you play Prime Videos.

If you are using a Mac or PC, just go to Prime Video Settings -> Parental Controls -

If you are using iOS, go to the bottom menu, select My Stuff, and then select the Settings icon.

From there, choose Parental Controls, and then Viewing Restrictions

If you are using Android for watching Prime Video, go to the bottom menu, choose My Stuff, and then select the Settings icon. Select Parental Controls -> Viewing Restrictions

Select all the devices and age restrictions you want (these restrictions) to apply to

Click Save and you’re done!

Please note: Restrictions you set will apply only to the device(s) they were set up for.

Setting up Parental Control for Hulu:

Hulu ensures that kids have a safe space where they can enjoy the streaming of their favorite videos, TV shows, movies, and more. Hulu is accessible through Roku boxes, Apple TVs, gaming consoles, Amazon Fire products, and web browsers.

Here is a quick guide to help parents restrict their kids’ access to the content on Hulu! Setting up Parental Controls on Hulu is easy, here you go!

As the primary account holder, you can control viewing on your account by creating multiple individual profiles for other users who’ll be using the same account, or you can do so by adjusting the age setting for your Hulu account as a whole. This will automatically restrict mature content. Kids below 13 will not be able to see R-rated films, TV-MA rated shows from their individual profile. But if you create a profile for a 13-year-old or above and don’t opt for a Kids profile, your kid can still access any content on Hulu, and that includes mature content as well.

How to create a Hulu profile for your kid?

It’s easy and you can begin by logging in to Hulu from a laptop or computer.

Click and Add Profile on the “Who’s Watching” screen.

Add a profile name, switch on/off the Kids feature for setting up only kid-friendly programming. Then, click Create Profile.

Or, if required, you can leave the Kids to switch on/off and enter your child’s gender and birthdate

Fill in the information, check the box for indicating parental permission, and click on the Create Profile button.

Please be informed that if you are viewing Hulu on a device that comes with its own set of unique universal parental controls, like gaming console, Hulu will operate under the settings on your device.

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