5 Most Common Internet Problems and How to Fix Them

Five Most Common Internet Issues

Internet has become a important part of our life. It's not just a necessity now, it has become a crucial part of our life. From performing office work to keeping onself updated on social media, nothing is possible without internet. Earlier, it was a just a sign of lavishness but now it's more like a need for people. However due to abundance use of internet, several issues has developed. Additionally, there are some issues we all share as they  are very common. But as we say there is a solution to everything in this world. Let's discuss the problems and solutions for it! 

1. Slow Internet

This is the time When even one page takes ages to show up on the screen, this is the time when you are experiencing a slow internet connection. Now a days there are various speed offered and  with the speeds, that  are offered by standard ISPs, even the single page loading speeds have to be very fast. Additionally, in the modern world, the speed are the highest and it takes only a few minutes to download a full length movie. So, do you know what can cause  a slow page-loading internet speed? So, One of the common reasons could be your internet service provider troubling you until you feel like you are back to the days where dial-up internet was the only option. On the other end, there are chances that you might be connected to a number of devices and that where the speed consumption is happening. The third and not so common reason is that your hardware is outdated. 


  1. Reboot the modem and router:All you need to do is turn off the modem and router for a while and then again turn it on, this method is a commonly fix used by people. 

  2. Reposition the modem: It simply means you need to place the router at any other location in your house for better connectivity. 

  3. Replace old equipment: If the above two are not bringing in any change, maybe it's time to buy new equipment as sometimes the older versions stop working. 

2. Wifi Stops Working

This is somehow similar to slow Internet and is also one of the common internet issue, we all share. The abovementioned fixes for slow internet are also applicable to this type of internet problems. However, if you still face issues like network dropouts, unable to connect to the internet, and network unavailability, there are some easy solutions that you can follow. These are easy to conduct steps and you can easily find them on the internet. However, you can also call your service provider to Investigate why this problem keep happening. 


  1. Update your router or modem

  2. Keep a check on the Updation of hardware, If available. 

  3. Buy a new modem

  4. You can disconnect the devices consuming high data. 

  5. Disconnect the devices that aren't in use. 

3. Wifi not Connecting

This is the third common problem faced  by the internet users. However, if  you experience the inability to connect to the network while your hardware in on, you need to remember that it’s not an hardware error by the server. On the other side, if the data you are trying to react is not loading, even when  you have tried many times  on different devices, then there are then chances that your internet service provider is not at fault, your  Internet deals are not the culprit here. The error is due to the channels and frequencies and this is why they are to be blame for this. Moreover, you can carry our some easy steps to fix this issue. 


  1. You can choose another channel or network as sometimes it happens when the connection is overcrowded. 

  2. If you change the frequencies, there are chances that you might get more bandwidth. 

  3. Changing the channel can also be a wise option. 

  4. Consider changing the DNS server. 

  5. You can just make fluctuations in the frequencies. 

Reset Router

This is one of the basic problem wifi users go through. They need to reset their router time to time. And to keep the connection and signal strength strong throughout your home, you can perform both hard and soft rest depending on the requirement. Moreover, if you are thinking how to do it, consulting with your ISPs can help. 


  1. Soft reset: In this category all you need to do is switch off the equipment and wait for around half a minute, then turn it on, this soft reset is meant to be very helpful. 

  2. Hard reset: In this one, all your password and Settings will be removed. You just need to find the reset button and hold it for a while, it will automatically turn off. However, the method might vary with equipment. 

Changing WiFi Passwords

People usually don't  consider it as an issue but let me tell you this is one of the significant point to take care of. And  it is actually very important to keep your network secure and safe. Many people think that it doesn’t make any difference what password they have. But one  should be aware of the fact that people are experts  at cracking passwords and draining your bandwidth. That ultimately decreases your internet speed. 


  1. You can change your WiFi password via device app or the provider website. 

  2. You can enjoy the advantage of the app integration offered by new modem or router. 

  3. Its easy to control everything from your phone. 

  4. You can also reset the password through the configuration page of  your router


In a nutshell, we believe that these fixes and solutions will help you in a long term. Ultimately, you can get access to improved internet. However, if you still face internet issues or sluggish internet, switching your internet service provider can be a great option. 

Disclaimer:  The information provided in this blog is collected through a fine research on the internet. The data mentioned can vary with time and we don't claim it to be intact in a long run. The prices, packages and other credentials mentioned vary with locations and given time. 

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