What to Consider When Switching Internet Provider?

When Switching Internet Provider

Are you not happy with your current ISP (Internet Service Provider)? Now you can change it without much hassle. Let me tell you how! In this post, I will talk about the important things you need to consider when switching your ISP.

If a pricy internet plan and provider are your concern, your top consideration while making an ISP switch would be “cost savings”. As a matter of fact, countless users switch their internet providers mainly because of cost concerns. Statistics also indicate this.

Money is the biggest and topmost motivation behind more than half of the people making an ISP switch. If you look around, you’ll possibly see that most people are actually looking for affordable internet to get faster internet at the lowest possible rates. Even many people keep switching providers on a frequent and regular basis just because switching is the only way to take advantage of promotional and introductory offers.

But ironically, most of the consumers end up regretting their decision of making frequent switches just to save some bucks. So, when you are planning to switch your internet service provider, make sure you weigh the benefits you are already receiving from your current provider against the available cheap internet plans and providers you are thinking of switching to.

“What else should I consider when switching ISP?”

Other than cheap internet plans, you must consider the following while making an ISP switch

  • Speed –High speed is the second biggest reason why most people switch their ISPs. If you also want to upgrade to faster internet speeds, then you must look for high-speed internet plans instead of just cheap internet plans in your area.

  • Customer support –Better customer service is another important reason here why many people switch to another ISP. So if you are also not happy with the customer support your current internet provider offers, probably it is time for you too to switch to a provider that promises more responsive and helpful customer service.

  • Availability of service – It is common to see ISPs entering newer geographical locations and markets at all times. At the same time, some ISPs make an exit from a location and don’t offer their services to that location. So, check the availability of the provider before you cancel your existing contract and proceed with the connection to the new provider.

Once you have decided upon the best internet service plan and provider you want to switch to, make sure you have a clear understanding of how to cancel the current plan and enter the new contract. Before signing up with the new ISP, you must learn about the cancellation process of the current services for your particular situation. Most ISPs would lock you into a contract of at least two years which means you should be ready to face the consequences in case you choose to terminate the contract early. The best and most reliable way to find the exact cancellation process is to visit the website of your current provider and if you think it is too complex to understand for you, call/contact their customer support staff for assistance.

Don’t ignore the associated cancellation fees! Most providers levy an Early Termination Fee (ETF) on customers who cancel the contract before the end of the agreement. Each provider has a different ETF and their terms of the contract also vary.

Remember these when you go for contract cancellation!

  • As you cancel the contract with your current provider, you will have to return all the equipment (such as modem, router, etc.) that you might have rented from the provider.
  • Failing to return the equipment on the due date may invite additional fees or penalties from the provider.
  • Many providers offer a satisfaction guarantee of 30 days. So, when canceling your contract due to dissatisfaction with their service, you may point out the exact issue that helps you make this claim and gives you an opportunity to get out of the contract smoothly.
  • Some providers extend buyout offer to the customers to cover the early termination fees for the customers. So, don’t forget to check this too!

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Search, compare, and then switch!

Switching an internet provider is not easy at all. You may have to invest enough of your time and effort in terminating the current contract, existing the current provider’s services, completing the paperwork associated with signing the new contract, and all. So, don’t switch the provider in a haste. Take your time. Research well. Compare and choose only the best internet plan and provider that match your expectations.

At ServiceDealz, we are fully committed to making each service switch a smooth and hassle-free affair for all our valued customers. You just have to visit our website, enter your zip code, select the service (internet in this case) from the dropdown, view the available plans, run a quick comparison, and place your order to make a switch. We are here to help you get access to the most affordable internet plans, best internet providers, and lowest internet plans in your area.

Not sure how to begin your search? If you find it difficult to search for the best internet plan for your needs, our support staff is ready to assist you. Please feel free to chat with us or give us a call to discuss the available internet plans and providers for your address.

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