5 Tips to Boost Your iPhone’s Internet Speed

Tips to Boost Your iPhone’s Internet Speed

We rely so much on the world wide web for countless things we do every day. And, speed is what matters the most when it comes to using the internet on our iPhone. Obviously, it’s very annoying to have slow internet on your iPhone while you are trying to do something urgent and important. Life without internet would be boring for sure and we have become so much dependent on it that whether it is about socializing, shopping, studying, and working from home or conducting webinars and online meetings to what not – the internet is the backbone supporting so many diverse activities we do every day.

Are you facing a sluggish internet speed problem on your iPhone? Don’t worry as you aren’t alone! Almost all of us would agree if I say that little to no cell phone reception is a common problem that we all face, if not regularly than occasionally at least. You have an issue if the connection is lost at your apartment, home, or vehicle. It’s immensely inconvenient to be unable to make phone calls, send texts, or explore the web on your iPhone when you need it the most. You rely so much on your favorite iPhone to deliver reliable, strong cell signal whenever and wherever you need. So what should you do now?

Why the hell the signal so poor? Well, if that’s what you are asking yourself right now, the answer is right here. There’re a few reasons why your iPhone has bad cell coverage.

  1. Distance: maybe you aren’t near the signal source or the cell tower. You phone struggles to locate signal but fails due to being in a remote area where signals hardly reach.

  2. Blockers: maybe there is something blocking the signals from reaching your iPhone. Just check that out. These blockers of signals could be made of steel, concrete, brick, drywall, masonry, or coated glass windows!

  3. Heavy Traffic: sometimes the culprit could be unusually heavy network traffic that often occurs in densely populated areas.

  4.  Other Factors: these may include heavy vegetation, bad weather, mountain, etc.

Okay, Okay … But What to Do?

Well, there could be many reasons why your iPhone isn’t able to receive desired signals. Slow internet isn’t so uncommon and the reasons can be many, including the ones I just explained above. But thankfully, it is now possible to boost your iPhone’s internet speed. Let me tell you, how?

  1. Avoid Cellular Data and Use Wireless Instead: by connecting to the Wi-Fi internet in your home, office, or apartment instead of cellular data, you can ensure faster internet speeds on your iPhone no matter what you do with it – streaming videos, chatting, socializing, and more.

  2. Turn Auto-Downloads Off: by disabling auto-downloads, you may boost your iPhone speed. To do this, you need to open the Settings, iTunes, and App Store. Now touch the slider right to options so that automatic downloads are disabled.

  3. Update your iOS: make sure your iPhone has the latest iOS version installed on it.

  4. Keep your Cellular Network Refreshed: to refresh the cellular network of your iPhone, just take out and re-insert the sim of your phone or you may simply enable the Airplane mode for a few seconds as that will automatically refresh your network.

  5. Boost the Speed of your Available WiFi: to optimize the internet speed of your iPhone, go to Settings, Wi-Fi, Network name, and then Forget option. Now search your Wi-Fi network name once again and reconnect to it. This will help boost the speed of your phone’s internet.

Besides these, you may consider using faster internet service options (such as 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE) to optimize the speed of the internet on your iPhone. These days, most 4G networks offer high-speed internet. Hence, you may consider switching to a faster cellular internet mode. It also runs the internet speed of your iPhone and helps in faster loading of data, thereby saving time for you.

Another useful tip you should pay attention to is view webpages in mobile site view instead of desktop view as that makes loading faster (because mobile websites are made exclusively for mobiles and are responsive to the screens and other configurations of iPhones and other devices). Using a mobile view to open websites also saves data.  

Last but not the least, don’t forget to clear the cache on your iPhone as that will automatically speed up the performance of your iPhone.

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