3 Ways to Boost Your Internet Speed Instantly

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Many of us use the internet plans in ways we have never before, and are possibly experiencing slower-than-normal speeds from your Wi-Fi. Perhaps you have run a couple of speed tests to diagnose why. In reality, Ookla, the home of the speed test, announced a huge increase in the number of people who checked their internet with Speed test.

We have outlined many ways in which you can enable your Internet connection to improve. If you do not work and are genuinely desperate, your device can be connected with an Ethernet cable directly on the internet.

  1. See where your devices are located

It can be as easy as shifting the router. If you spend the day working in the upstairs office, but the router is in the basement or kitchen cabinet that could impact your signal strength. The best location is in an open area near the middle of your home for your router.

You may also want to check how many devices your internet is connected to. Such devices will slow down all connections: TV, computers, phones, laptops, e-readers, smart thermostats, surveillance cameras, digital picture frameworks, Video devices, gaming consoles and smart watches. During high times of traffic, disengaging a few devices or disabling your Wi-Fi connection will open the bandwidth.

  1. Adjust the configuration of your router

There are various settings in your router that you can customize to support your connection. If several devices are tuned, you can priorities bandwidth to devices such as your computer to increase your cheap internet speed. You can also adjust your frequency from 2.4GHz to 5GHz (without frequency) to boost efficiency. Spend some time looking at and adjusting the configuration of your particular router.

And it might sound overly simplistic but try resetting your router every once in a while. Literally, switching your router off and back on again. We also will recommend periodically upgrading the firmware of your router to remain on top of security steps.

  1. Try a Wi-Fi mesh system

A Wi-Fi mesh system could be the answer if your internet problems are ongoing. It is a distributed array of Wi-Fi access routers in the building. The goggles pick each other up to attach to dead zones. The mesh system suits bigger homes with a thick framework and a lot of people in different areas of the home that need a strong connection.

All deliver robust mesh systems Google, Nest, Netgear, and Samsung. This type of router system also often comes with easy-to-use applications that make the connection easy to customize. You may enable parental controls, enable or disable certain devices, designate no-Wi-Fi hours, and more.

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