Broadband for All Americans: President Biden’s $100 Billion Plan to Boost Broadband Access

President Biden $100 Billion Plan to Boost Broadband Access

President Joe Biden is investing $100 billion for all Americans to gain access to fast, affordable internet by 2029. He is proposing the federal government spend the whopping amount over the next years to fix the unwanted broadband state in the United States.

President Biden on Wednesday disclosed the American Jobs Plan – a new infrastructure bill that proposes $2 trillion to give a boost to the country’s infrastructure as well as create new jobs in the process. This infrastructure package includes money for maintaining roads, waterways, and bridges. The $100 billion Biden seeks will help deploy broadband throughout rural areas.

As mentioned above, part of the spending which is proposed in the infrastructure bill is to go toward making cheap internet plans quicker, reliable, and cheaper for fellow Americans in various states. According to a fact sheet released by the White House on Wednesday, the prime goal of the administration is to give everybody in America access to blazing-fast internet, which is not reliable but affordable as well.

What is Joe Biden’s Proposal?

President Joe Biden’s proposal incorporates spending $100 billion to provide the most accessible broadband to all Americans as part of an eight-year infrastructure plan, calling high-speed connections “the new electricity”, which has become more of a necessity for all the people in the United States.

It could indicate a major policy shift toward reducing the high cost of internet service than handing money to broadband providers for developing networks. The plan states directly, “Americans pay a lot for internet.”

The plan pushes for a great competition that could lower rates, by not only encouraging but also supporting networks owned or even affiliated with local governments, nonprofit organizations, and cooperatives. At present, around 20 states limit municipal broadband. 

Why is this Plan Necessary?

The pandemic that has taken all over the world by storm has made it clear that millions of people in America are not online – a major problem that is not restricted to rural areas but incorporated towns as well. The White House says more than 30 million citizens are deprived of access to high-speed internet at all, and several million think twice when it comes to affording it.

The divide continues even after the government has spent billions of dollars encouraging internet service providers to connect far-flung and other remote communities. An additional $20 billion is line up over the next years to come for providing broadband access to rural areas, and another $9 billion for high-speed wireless internet which is called 5G in densely populated regions.

Users based in rural regions, which are stuck with slow-speed internet as well as a handful of providers will benefit the most. But the overall major goal is to assure every household in America of high-speed internet access for 100% broadband coverage. But the American Jobs Plan unveiled at the White House is not essentially going to give the money to the corporate internet service providers, who have gained a reputation for imposing exorbitantly high fees and data caps.

On the broadband front, the plan lacks the much-needed specifics. However, another goal is to fix hurdles that have not enabled both city governments and rural co-ops from operating their own broadband services so they could set up a competition with corporateinternet service providers (ISPs). In fact, several of these municipal service providers offer blazing speed internet plans at competitive prices. But lawmakers in some states have put a ban on government municipalities from penetrating into the broadband market.

The top priority is to make sure people can afford the internet without having to think twice once the broadband structure is developed. President Joe Biden recommends offering subsidies to people so costs could be covered. However, the long-term goal is to work with Congress on a comprehensive and lasting solution to minimize broadband prices for each consumer.

The White House plans on acquiring the required funds through corporate tax hikes as well as other changes in tax, which is Biden administration says will elevate $2 trillion over the next two decades. But it is mandatory for Biden’s jobs to plan to pass Congress. And lawmakers from both parties are already evaluating the proposal in a detailed way.

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