Top 10 home security tips and tricks in 2020

Home Security Tips and Tricks

“The home is where the heart relies on” well, this is a feeling but other than this home is a place where you can find comfort after a long day. No matter how gloomy you feel after having a bad day at work, home is a place where you automatically feel relieved and happy. And also, it is a sanctuary a person built to ensure you a comfortable living. However, building a home is not an easy task; it can take the savings of your whole life. And to ensure the proper comfort, it becomes necessary to maintain your home and secure it. In case you are thinking about why? Well, why not; imagine a burglary in your house, a place you build with your hard-earned money; even the imagination is scary, right? 

Therefore, it is really important to understand how you can secure your home to avoid happening of any theft crime. With these inexpensive tricks, you can enjoy your vacation without being concerned about the security of your home. Meanwhile, make sure you don’t miss any of them to protect your beautiful home. 

Here are the top 10 home securities tips and tricks in 2020

  • Secure the doors: The first access point to your home is doors and therefore, it becomes necessary for the people to ensure that the doors are not hollow. A great improvisation to secure your home doors can be installing a peephole. Through this, you can see strangers and also, it is way more secure than glass doors and smaller openings. Moreover, the burglars can use a lock pin to gain access to the door as they brutally knock down the door to commit the crime. This type of kit is simple to be DIY at home; all it needs are some basic tools and minimal time. 

  • Strengthen the windows: Burglars are like cats and we can consider that because they find every other opportunity to crash in your home through the windows. Therefore, make sure to close all the doors and windows every time you go out and before you go to bed. But, a locked window won’t work well every time.  You need to do something extraordinary to protect your windows. Trying tricks like installing sensors that can buzz when the window breaks might help. Other than this, plant prickly and thorny bushes nearby your windows. Moreover, in extreme cases, install safety glasses in small windows that you don’t really open. 

  • Replace the old locks with new ones: Get done with your old locks and replace them with the new ones. If you are moving out to a new place, make sure you ask the landlord to replace the locks. As the previous renter has the access to enter your home. Moreover, the family, friends, and people who worked there must be having copies of the keys to enter your home. Therefore it is recommended to ask the landlord to change the locks as soon as you enter your new home. Furthermore, whenever you lost the keys and take help from a locksmith, don’t forget to change the locks as soon as possible. A slight carelessness might cost a lot! 

  • Keep your vacation private: It doesn’t mean you need to keep it a secret. All it conveys is that whenever you post something on your social media, the whole world can see this. Though setting privacy on your posts might help. But as a precautionary measure, make sure you don’t let people know about your absence at home. Moreover, if you have good terms with your neighbor, tell them to keep an eye on your home in your absence. Set of the timed lights to turn on and off on regular interval so it looks like someone is at home. Nevertheless, keep all your essentials in a safe place while you go out. 

  • Have a sorted security plan: When you are living with your family, it is very important to plan things. It is easy so that everyone follows the same routine. And, teaching children about safety measures is also necessary. Here, a good safety plan should include not letting strangers enter your premises, making sure everyone in the house knows how the safety alarm works, locking the doors and windows of your home every time you leave and much more. Following this routine regularly might help you in ensuring the protection of the premises. 

  • Hide the keys in the right spot: The accurate spot doesn’t need to be under the pillow or mailbox! No, not under the fake rock too. Handle the keys to a neighbor if you trust them however, if you don’t, using a combination lock might work well; just make sure its position is fine. Meanwhile, don’t keep your keys in an exposed view from windows or doors; keep it in a closed drawer instead. 

  • Get help from the police department: Well, well, don’t wait for the burglars to empty your house to call the cops. As you can take help from them to set a plan to ensure the protection of your home. They will provide full proof guidance on how to protect your home in a great way. However, it is for free, you just need to call your local police department to get the recommendation. They will assist you in no time.

  • Keep ladders and tools stored away:Tools and ladders are essential entity for your home as they help you in various chores. From looking out for something kept high on the shelf to fixing a doorknob, ladders and tools are useful. But, whenever you decide to use them, make sure to find a secure place for their storage. As the burglar use them to enter home. This is one of the major steps which can save you from becoming a victim. 

  • Make your garage doors impenetrable: Imagine all your windows and doors are secured but your garage can be accessed easily. It is risky, right? Well, of course, because vehicle theft is more common than household theft. As a precaution, make sure your garage doors are made of solid material so that they can be impenetrable. Also, installing secured garage doors can be a great choice. 

  • Install a security system: Here comes the most important factor. When you are done with all the necessary consideration, check out for the best security systems for your home. Make sure you don’t ruin your bank balance by installing security systems. Go for reasonable options and they can be security cameras, cameras with the mobile app and much more. Also, you can choose wireless protection devices and you can get a better understanding of the same by surfing through the internet. 

Soon you bring these tips and tricks in work; you will have peace of mind!

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