Get to Know about Home Automation for Safety, Security & Convenience!

Home Automation for Safety, Security & Convenience!

Home is something where an individual feel relaxed and happy. It takes them a long time to build their dream home. And, when he/she finally gets to live in the house of their dream, the fear of burglars entering and violating the security of their house can give them nightmares. 

And, if you believe in building a smart home, you are on the right track. This way you can ensure the safety of your home by just a simple voice command. The smart home assures a futuristic home experience where everything you need is peace of mind, even when you’re far from home. 

Well, you must be aware of the fact that there are some very innovative gadgets or technologies that let you do a lot with home security, many of which can be added to the home security systems. The list is long and includes smart doorbells, smart locks, smart cameras, smart thermostats, smart lights, and smart smoke alarms.

Now, its time to learn about them in detail. Below, you will get to know about some really cool gadgets that really add to the security of your home or workplace. Let's see how each of these home security devices can work with your home security system. 

Smart Locks

Okay, so let me tell this very clearly, smart locks can be really great not only for security but also for the convenience of an individual. It is a supreme way to forget where the tradition of carrying keys with you as it often allows you to forego keys entirely. Are you thinking why they are known as smart locks? Well, what makes them really smart is their capability to communicate with your smartphone with the medium of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, that allows you to lock and unlock your door from wherever you wish to. 

However, there are several categories that make them stand out from the crowd. As many of them automatically lock and unlock when they sense that your phone or smart device is approaching so that you can come and go without ever having to worry about if the door is locked or not.

There is also one of the common smart locks that you can rely on for the security of your home. This type of lock forgoes the keypad and screen entirely, and it completely depends on an app that is installed on your smartphone. The app is entirely responsible to handle the locking and unlocking duties. There are a few examples you can reply to. Some of these are August Smart Lock and the Lockitron Bolt.

Smart Cameras

This is one of the oldest methods to pay heed to the security of the premises. Well, if we talk on the least, these smart cameras are just updated versions of the traditional security camera concept that were used in the early times. These cameras work with Wi-Fi connections that eventually allow them to be viewed and controlled remotely with the help of a smart-phone app.

 This is not all, many of them are full of features as they can also upload the camera footage to the Cloud for storage purpose or future use that eventually eliminates the need for an on-site storage setup.

In case you are looking for some amazing features that include technology like high resolution, a wide field of view, motion detection, and audio recording. And I guess, that’s something we all want as a part of their home security system. Usually, it would require Wi-Fi connectivity as an essential feature, but because the discussion is about smart cameras, Wi-Fi is a given.

Smart Lights 

As the word itself suggest, smart lights are a combination of convenience and boosted security. Now, If you aren’t aware about it working it’s working. Let me tell you, these are Wi-Fi enabled LED light bulbs that can be easily controlled or operated from a smartphone app. 

In order to use these lights, you need to install its app. Now, you can easily turn the bulbs on or off as per your comfort. You can set them up either manually or on the desired schedule like dimming the bulbs, also, they can choose their colour from a number of choices.

 And if you are thinking, distance can be a big barrier, and all this can be done from anywhere as per the wish of an individual. By adding these in your home security system, you can be carefree and not need to worry about If you left the light on. You can head to your vacation keeping all your worries aside.  

Smart Smoke Alarms 

This is one of the most common home automation features of a security system in the USA and the smoke alarm can be really beneficial for them. This device takes the traditional smoke alarm and turns it into the digital age, with the Wi-Fi connectivity and the capability to communicate and notice where exactly the fire is burning. 

One of the unique about these smoke alarms is that they are able to send alerts to the phone that controls the smoke alarm. This way you can always be updated and you could be aware of any issues even when you’re not at your home. And, you can also easily turn the alarm in case I buzz out for a false alarm. One such instance is while people are cooking, the alarm often mistakes it and starts alarming. Well, in such a condition, you can turn off the alarm and have peace of mind. 

The top picks in this section include the Nest Protect and the First Alert One-link. Undoubtedly, both of them are capable of detecting carbon monoxide along with the smoke and the best thing is it will alert you in a human voice instead of a cringe and screeching alarm tone. After all, alarm tones are irritating, I know right!

The Final Thoughts!

In case, you are looking for something that requires less investment, you can easily learn about the tips and tricks to home security. Moreover, If you have any further questions about home automation systems or require any detail about the same, we are available at your service. All your queries will be answered as soon as you get in contact with the expert. Plus, you can take a look at our blog for top 10 home security equipment. Stay home, stay safe!

Disclaimer: The information and data mentioned above are based on the internet resources and we aren’t liable for any changes stated above in the blog. This is just for the information purpose, in case of any query, you can mail us!

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