Why is my electric bill so high in summer?

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The summer peak consumption of electricity will vary dramatically from year to year, from summer and spring to winter and autumn chills. Since the consumer peaks and above average energy usage of households are experiencing, many begin to ask, and “Why is my electricity bill so high during the summer”? Most household devices and appliances contribute to the total consumption of energy and can vary from year to year. Understanding how they use electricity and the maximum time period would help people reduce their monthly expenses. Electricity bills in high summer have no year-round to torment individuals and families.

With the sun shining relentlessly, June tends to be quite hot in Texas. In the state, the average high temperatures are a sweltering 86°F to 98°F zone, whereas the average low temperatures remain between 67°F and 76°F. The summer in Eastern Texas is hot and humid, while the western region of the state is cooler than the east. Hot and humid weather is the only reason why you get bigger electricity bills during the summer because we run our fans and air conditioners, day and night, to keep our homes cool. Besides that, our regular home appliances are also used and run, which further add to the bills. You might wonder how is it different from running your furnace during winter and “why my bill multiplies during summer only?” But the answer is, yes it is!

Most homeowners face high electricity charges because of the many devices which are continuously plugged in the power stations even when not regularly used. Although most stand-by appliances do not use as much electricity as the ones used, they may still add up to the total energy charges (with you not even knowing about it). Wise people plan in advance and switch to cheaper electricity providers in Texas to keep their bills low.

Why does electricity cost go up in the summer?

Since electricity demand rises in the summer, this rising demand for available energy is not easy for electricity companies to meet. To generate surplus electricity, additional resources (such as coal) are often put to use. Electricity prices reflect the demand, fuel costs, availability of resources to generate power, etc. In summer, electricity prices are the highest mainly because of the soaring demand.

What makes your electric bill so high?

Cooling and heating are the largest user of electricity in the average household, contributing about 46 percent of your energy usage. The mean HVAC system is 2 to 3 times an hour and uses around 3500 watts for 10-15 minutes. The exact statistics can vary depending on where you live and how well your home is isolated. Add electricity to heating water too, which accounts for 60% of your energy consumption right there.

Things you must do to control your electricity usage in summer

If this is what you are asking yourself, the first thing you should start doing right away is to turn all your air conditioners off when it is not required. It is also recommended that you use a programmable thermostat to keep your home cool. And, maybe it’s time to throw all your old appliances out and replace them with energy-efficient ones! Older appliances use more electricity, which leads to surprisingly high bills. If you move to energy stars, you can save energy and lower your electrical costs and the bill. Ensure your air conditioning units and vents are clean. You may save energy by using your ceiling fan for cooling and keeping the AC off at times, if manageable. Sometimes, natural ventilation may also help you during summer. Windows with curtains and blinds will help block sunlight and keep your house cool.

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What time of year is electricity the cheapest?

Energy prices are the result of supply and demand; thus, when the demand is low, electricity is cheapest. The winter and summer are the most time we need to cool and heat your homes and these HVAC systems pull a lot of electricity. Similarly, we rely less on air conditioning and furnaces in spring and fall, thereby reducing demand and electricity prices.

It would be comforting to know exactly why, if you receive an abnormally high electric reality – or if you think it's incorrect, you might argue against it – so $200 plus money is spent well.

Shop for Cheap Electricity Plans in winter!

Since energy consumption reduces during summer, the demand for electricity also goes down during the cooler months. Reduced demands result in reduced prices of electricity, which means you can easily find cheap electricity rates in winter from most providers in Texas. The best time to switch electricity is between December and March when electricity rates are amazingly low. Lock in the cheapest electricity rates in Texas during these months and enjoy cheaper electricity throughout the year. While cheaper electricity rates may help you lower your electricity bills, there are many things you may do to keep your electricity usage under control.

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