Power Outage in My Area: Who to Call When There’s a Power Outage in Texas?

Contact When There’s a Power Outage in Texas

In a modern home, almost everything is dependent on electricity and when that goes out, there is total chaos. In fact, electricity is so important and integral part of our lives that sometimes we don’t even realize how dependent we’re on it. There would be no overstatement if we say that life, especially in cities, without power is absolutely powerless. Power failure causes complete disruption in our routine lives. If you live in Texas, there could be many reasons for a power outage, with storm and weather conditions being the key culprits in most cases.

Who to Call When Power Goes Out in Texas?

We might not be able to help you restore electricity in case of a power outage, but we know who to call when you are experiencing facing power outage at your home in Texas. You will have to contact your local TDU (Transmission and Distribution Utility) to report downed wires, outages, damaged electricity meter. TDU is the company responsible for taking care of the wires and poles in your area. Make sure you have the contact number of your local TDU handy and stored in your cell phone, so you can call immediately as bad weather strikes. Depending on your address and TDU provider, here is the contact and outage information you can use:

AEP Texas Central Company: (866) 223-8508

AEP Texas North Company: (866) 223-8508

CenterPoint Energy Houston Electric LLC: (800) 332-7143

Oncor Electric Delivery Company LLC: (888) 313-4747

Texas New Mexico Power Company: (888) 866-7456

Before you call…

Check, is it only in your home or a common malfunction?

Before you call your TDU, ensure if the power cut is in your home only or is it with the entire neighborhood as well? A power cut is, sometimes, a general problem while other times only your home might be without power. If your neighborhood is also without power, then it has to be an issue with the distribution grid. But, if your home is without power, blame it on your installation. Sometimes short circuits or overloads may damage your installation. Check your safety fuse as it may also melt when a high power current passes through it and, if the fuse has melted you’ll have to replace it.

Dos and Don’ts in case of a power failure

Never assume your wires and poles company (your local TDU) is aware of the outage in your area. Hence, make sure you inform them by calling in to report power failure. Once they have a record of a power outage in your area, they will take necessary measures to address it.

This one is for your own safety. Stay away from all downed utility lines. Sometimes you may find it difficult to distinguish between phone, cable, and power lines. It is, therefore, advisable that you assume that all lines hanging or downed are energized and it’s in your best interest to stay away from these wires. Keep your kids and pets indoors while you clean the yard after a storm and avoid touching the debris within 10ft. of a power line. You never know is a downed wire is lying underneath.

When the power goes out, electric doors in your house, garage, etc. will not open up automatically. Hence, it is advisable that you ensure to take your door keys while evacuating. With keys in your hands, you’ll be able to re-enter your home. Also, to be able to operate the doors manually, you will need to pull on the emergency release cord.

Turn all appliances off when the power goes out and restart/plug-in each appliance one-by-one when power is restored in your home. Trying to turn all appliances on at once may put additional pressure on the electric circuits of your home.

Call your TDU provider for help when you experience apower outage in Texas.

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