Who to Call When There’s Electricity Outage in My Area?

electricity outage in my area

Oops! Is it late night and pitch dark outside due to power outage in your neighborhood? Is your home as well as that of your neighbor is in complete darkness due to sudden power failure? Don’t worry as help is just a phone call away. In this blog, I will share the most important numbers you should keep handy to call whenever required in case there is an electricity outage in your area. 

There’s no denying that we are so badly dependent on electricity today that we can’t imagine life without it. In fact, there is total chaos when the power goes out. Almost all our household chores and professional operations may come to a standstill if there is no power. And the most amazing part is that we seldom realize the significant role electricity plays in our life. From storm to poor weather conditions and others, there are many reasons why electricity might go out in Texas or elsewhere. The possible cause of complete blackout in your neighborhood, as well as your home, could be that you are sourcing electricity from the same provider and the issue is with the wires and infrastructure.

Who should I call when there’s electricity outage in Texas? 

As an aggregator, we can help you find the cheapest electricity plans in your area and, probably, won’t be able to restore electricity if there’s a power outage in your area. But one thing we can do for sure is help you find the numbers to ring when you have to face power outage in your area in Texas. Please be informed and, if possible, take note of this. Your local TDU (Transmission and Distribution Utility) is your point of contact for reporting outages, downed wired, damaged electricity meter, and other power issues in your neighborhood. TDU is the company that takes care of the poles and wires in your area. Make sure you keep the contact number of your local TDU within your reach so you can call in case of an emergency or outage. Depending on your address and your TDU provider, you can call any of these for help when there’s electricity outage in your area: 

  • AEP Texas North Company: (866) 223-8508

  • AEP Texas Central Company: (866) 223-8508

  • Oncor Electric Delivery Company LLC: (888) 313-4747

  • CenterPoint Energy Houston Electric LLC: (800) 332-7143

  • Texas New Mexico Power Company: (888) 866-7456

Before you call, ascertain if all the houses in your neighborhood have gone powerless (read without power) too. Power cut in many houses in your neighborhood along with that of yours indicates a general problem, whereas if only your house is involved you may begin with checking the malfunction in your home. It is advisable that you check your safety fuse because sometimes it may melt due to high power current passing through it and, you just have to replace the fuse in case it has melted. 

Mistakes to avoid and things to do when there’s a power failure!

The best thing you would do to yourself is to stop assuming. Never assume your local TDU (the company that takes care of your poles and wires for ensuring uninterrupted power supply) knows that there is a power outage in your area. It’s, therefore, your job to call and report power failure. Once they are informed about the power outage in your area, they will do the needful to address the issue. 

Steer clear of downed utility wires. To stay safe, you must keep yourself away from these lines. Sometimes, you may find it difficult to determine if the wire you see is that of electricity, and cable or phone? The best bet would, therefore, be to assume that all lines lying there are energized and not safe to touch. Make sure your kids and pets are also indoors while you are busy cleaning the yard post a storm. Also, make sure you don’t touch the debris within 10ft. of an electricity line since you never know if a downed wire is hidden there. 

Turn the appliances off immediately. Make sure no appliance in the house is left ON when the power goes out. When the electricity restores, turn on each appliance one-by-one. Trying to switch on all the appliances at once can put additional pressure on your home’s electric circuits. 

Immediately call your TDU for help whenever there’s a power outage in Texas.

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