What are the Causes of Increased Electricity Consumption? How to Fix Them?

Increased Electricity Consumption

While all others might appear preaching you to control your energy consumption if you wish to bring your electricity bills down, we won’t bug you with the same information here. Rather, we’re here to help you lower your bills without drastically cutting your electricity consumption. Before discussing the ways to fix your big bills, it is prudent to analyze why after all your bill surges all of a sudden?

The possibilities of receiving unexpectedly bigger bills are higher during summer months due to increased use of air conditioners, winter due to continuous heating, and then annual light displays and other occasions when you tend to consume more electricity than regular. Are you wondering, “Why is my electricity bill so high this time?” To help you find a perfect answer to this question, we’ve broken down some key reasons you must know to be able to cut back before you get our next month’s energy bill.

Why am I getting high electricity bills?

There are many causes of high electricity bills in Texas, some of these include:

The issue: Air conditioners that are always hungry to gulp more energy

Air conditioning systems, ventilation, and heating remain the single biggest reason for high energy consumption in almost all homes across the state. In fact, about 29% of power consumption was attributed to cooling and heating homes, as per the US Energy Information Administration.

The solution: Fans and moderate use of ACs

Your thermostat needs to be changed 7-10 degrees from normal temperature for 8 hours a day so you can save up to 10% on your costs of cooling and heating, say the experts. Keeping the AC constantly on may force excessive consumption of electricity, which in turn burns your dollars as well. While floor and ceiling fans may not be much helpful in cooling the air, they make it feel cooler by circulating the air around. Proper circulation of air helps maintain a cooler and even temperature throughout. If the weather is cool outside, just open the windows to let the air in and ventilate your house. If it’s a cool night outside, open the windows to allow for some cross-breeze in the house, and then use those same fans to push the cool air around your home.

The issue: Increased power consumption despite no new appliance installed

Wondering why all of sudden your electricity meter has started running faster than before even when you installed not a single new appliance? 

The solution: Try spending some time on home maintenance.

Your home needs some maintenance to become more energy-efficient even if you take great care of it. This is particularly true for slightly older homes because they do not have the benefit of newer technologies and materials. Maybe you can caulk the cracks in your windows, replace AC filters and keep the vent clean and open, use blackouts and blinds to keep sun’s heat out, use energy-efficient bulbs, consider weather-stripping around door thresholds (it is a cheaper and simpler way to make your home more energy-efficient by providing improved protection against air drafts.), etc.

The issue: Large appliances that are outdated and hog all your energy

Newer generations of home appliances tend to be smarter than the older ones. Having rusty or outdated appliances at home simply means you’re burning your money and time both, inadvertently.  

The solution: Use your existing appliances more efficiently and upgrade when you can

Big appliances produce heat internally but we pay this price for the convenience we enjoy in return. However, it never implies we can afford to be wasteful. Here’re some easiest ideas to help you make the most of available appliances without inviting bigger bills. Use your washing machine, dishwasher and dryer during the cooler hours, fully load machines (without overstuffing) so you get maximum efficiency out of each cycle and do your dishes and laundry during non-peak hours as some providers offer energy at discounted rates during off-hours. Check when does your electricity provider offer the cheapest electricity rates in your area? Other things you can do to keep your electricity consumption under control is to set your refrigerator to moderate cooling and bring the goal temperature of your hot water heater to 120°F from 140°F.

The issue: Who’s sucking up all your electricity?

Devices you plugged into the outlet in your living room’s wall and forgot, outdated appliances that suck all electricity are the vampires that pull out energy and drive your bill upwards. You think the devices in standby mode don’t sip your electricity but they do!

The solution: Maybe it’s time to replace the appliances with energy-efficient ones?

Check the Energy Star label on your appliances as that might give you an idea if this is the right time to replace your existing appliances with energy-efficient ones. More starts mean better energy efficiency which in turn mean lower electricity bills. Also, it is advisable that you do not keep lights on, unnecessarily.

Let’s face it; vampire electrical appliances can devour about 23% of residential energy each year costing you hundreds of dollars, as online research.  

What to do?

Thanks to the deregulated energy market in Texas, you have the right to choose your electricity plans and providers as per your needs. At ServiceDealz, we let you exercise your power to choose your energy plan.  Switch to cheaper electricity plans in Texas or elsewhere you live and start saving hundreds of dollars on your electricity bills. Online, at ServiceDealz website, you will find no dearth of the cheapest electric rates in your area from the best electricity providers around. You can quickly compare electricity plans and choose the one that best fits your kWh usage and budget. If you are not sure which plan will fit you the best, you should try our free electricity calculator that lets you compare energy rates in Texas from multiple utilities and narrow down your search for the best electricity rates in your area.

Wrapping Up

Using outdated appliances, leaving them turned on even when not in use, and using less energy-efficient devices are few of the many reasons contribute to bigger electricity bills in Texas. We just discussed the issues along with the solutions you can try at home. As a Texan, you have the freedom and opportunity to switch and shop for electricity plans in your area. Here, at ServiceDealz, you can search, compare, and shop for the cheapest electric rates in Texas.

Disclaimer: The work of writing above is based on the research and development carried out by our team of writers and editors in an endeavor to bring forth the best and most useful information about the related subject.

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