Our Support for Electricity Consumers in Austin!

Our Support for Electricity Consumers in Austin!

As we already know how miserably this pandemic is ruining life. The struggle to cope up with the issue that Coronavirus (COVID-19) brings, all the electricity providers in Austin have plans in place to keep up their services maintained and top-notch at the same time, protect the staff members  and support efforts to limit the spread of the virus.

Plus, a large workforce from various industries is working from home. Well, this is not all, the schools and businesses closed the usage of electricity might increase with upcoming days. And, there are many individuals, particularly older people, who are habitual of buying credit at local shops and they may find it difficult to top-up as now the protocol says them to stay at home.

It’s a challenging situation but we have tried to gather useful information to help the energy customers in Austin. We have also listed some of the important aspects that you need to know during the pandemic phase. 

Important Advice!

Planning Spend: Here you need to take some time to think how much you usually spend on electricity and gas (or home heating oil). For the same, you can take a look at bills from this time last year to get a clear idea or knowledge. But, also another aspect is that your electricity use might be higher than this time last year as due to lockdown, you will have to stay home for a longer period of time

Keep Money Aside: well, there is no hard and fast rule, its simple, If you can, it can be beneficial  putting some money aside to cope up with the higher energy bills. Another possibility is topping up your meter more frequently to make sure that your meter doesn't run out of any credit. Many suppliers also allow you to make additional (top-up) payments to credit (bill pay) charges– if you can make this possible, it is worth while and this could prevent the shock that you might have to face after looking at your monthly bill.

Friends and Family: If you have circumstances and can’t leave your home then make sure a family member, friend or neighbour can help ‘top up’ your electricity or gas card. You can ask them to  take your card to the shop and make the top up for you. Soon, they can return this to you when the recharge is done taking adequate precautions and maintaining social distancing, so you can add the top-up to your meter. If your meter is located outside, you can keep it unlocked or provide them with a key, so they can add the credit directly.

Switching: Honestly speaking, switching supplier is one of the convenient and quickest ways to save ample money on your electricity bills. Compare all suppliers, deals and tariffs with ServiceDealz. There will be no interruption to your supply and you don’t even have to tell your old supplier about your termination or leaving. The process to switch suppliers will continue as normal.

For Consumers with Electricity Prepayment Meters:

Buying Credit: You can consider it other ways to buy credit for your electricity meter. If you usually purchase electricity from a local provider be aware most suppliers provide other ways to gain credit. Plus, this includes online on the company website, via an automatic or robotic telephone service, their consumer service teams are rapidly increasing through the company App.

Ask Friends and Family: Due to some circumstances, If you aren’t able to use any of the options for topping up over the phone, online or app then purchasing credit up at a local pay point / pay zone outlet is still possible. As mentioned before, if you aren’t able to leave your home a family member, friend or neighbour might be able to top up your card for you. This can be really beneficial for you during these hard times

We firmly believe you are taking all the precautions that are the need of the hour. In case of any query or issue, don’t hesitate to give us call, our experts will reach you in no time! Stay home, stay safe. 

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Deepika Blogger Published On : June 30, 2020

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