Exercise your power to choose the cheapest electricity rates in Texas

power to choose the cheapest electricity rates in Texas

The joy of living in Texas and its bustling cities like Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, and Arlington is multiplied by the fact that you have the right to choose your electricity provider in the state. Thanks to the deregulated electricity market in Texas, you can exercise your right to choose the cheapest electric rates and the cheapest electricity providers in Texas.

There could be many reasons why you would want to switch your utility (the company that manages the wires, poles, etc. to ensure uninterrupted power supply to your home). Some of the reasons could be moving to Texas from another state, living in Texas but not happy with your current electric company, looking for cheaper electricity rates to ensure greater savings on your electricity bills, etc.

It might appear a tedious and difficult task to find and choose one from the myriad TDUs (Transmission and Delivery Utility) in the state. Sometimes, you may feel you have shopped for the cheapest electricity from the best electric company in Texas but your electricity bill may bust all your myths and you might feel an urgent need of help to make an electricity switch at the earliest. With ServiceDealz, things are different. We offer a completely unbiased comparison of the best electricity deals from the top electric companies so you save more and get electricity at the most affordable rates.

We bring the cheapest electricity plans from the top electricity companies in Texas under one roof, so you can shop for competitive electricity rates in Texas and potentially save hundreds of dollars on your electricity bills. Shopping for electric plans in Texas with us is easier, quicker, cheaper, and safer. You just have to enter your area zip code to have the best electricity deals listed. Compare retail electric companies in Texas and lock in the lowest electricity rates suitable for your usage and budget.

Shop Competitive Electric Rates

Our ultimate goal is to help residents like you save more on your electricity bills. That is why; we let you compare electricity companies in Texas and choose the most affordable electric rates befitting your kWh (kilowatt-hour) usage, budget, and expectations.  By choosing your electricity provider in Texas, you will be able to ensure you get the power delivered to your home at the lowest rates.

Compare Electricity Companies in Texas

For over a decade, businesses, as well as residents, have been choosing the cheapest electricity rates in Texas. When the energy market became deregulated here, the electricity industry got divided into (1) supply and (2) delivery. The company that delivers electricity is called a utility and the cost of electricity being delivered to your house/office in Texas may vary depending on the cost your utility has to incur to make this possible. In other words, the cost of maintaining wires, poles, and the complete infrastructure to transmit energy to your home from the supplier is the reason behind varying electricity rates in Texas.

Fixed-Rate or Variable-Rate?

Fixed-Rate Plans: With fixed-rate supply plans, you can protect your electricity bills from the fluctuating market electricity rates in Texas. The price per kWh will remain intact throughout your term, irrespective of the market rate fluctuations. You can enter a fixed-rate supply plan ranging from 6 months to 60 months. So, it is important that you choose and shop for a term length most suitable for your situation and requirement.

Variable-Rate Plans:  When you choose a variable-rate electricity plan, you enter a rate plan that changes with the market rates of electricity. Supply rates may vary based on market and seasonal fluctuations. While you may be happy seeing your electricity bill during the months when the electricity rate is low in the market, your electricity bill may turn out to be shockingly high when supply rates are high during high demand months. These plans offer immense flexibility but, at the same time, leave your electricity bills vulnerable to market rate fluctuations.

Hence, fixed-rate electricity plans are highly recommended for users with dramatically higher electricity usage during summer and other months whereas variable-rate plans are most suited for those with minimal usage throughout the year. We can help you lock in the lowest electric rates in Texas. For detailed discussion with our experts, you may call us or connect with our chat support, which is available round-the-clock.

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