Why Is My Plano Electricity Bill in July So High?

Plano Electricity Bill in July So High

Summer is here and the mercury is on a constant rise. Compared to other parts of the nation, Texas experienced hotter, more humid summers with temperatures crossing 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The flaring Sun and soaring temperatures compel those living in the state to use more of Air Conditioning and cooling equipment at home offices. And the increased usage of power directly affects the electricity bills. Hence, a sudden increase in your electricity usage could be the reason why you got a big electricity bill this month as well.

Is there a way to avoid such big electricity bills during Summer in Plano?

Yes, there is! The first thing you can do is try reducing your energy consumption by using energy-efficient equipment and appliances at home. These consume less energy and serve various purposes. Besides this, you can turn the AC off and use fans when the weather is relatively cool in the morning and evening hours. Another good thing you can do is lock in the lowest electricity rates in Plano months before Summer arrives. Doing so, you will make your electricity bill immune to the increased usage in certain months.

Well, if you thought shopping for the lowest rates means the deals that showcase the cheapest electricity rates in Plano are all you need to search for, you need more information to be able to decide better. When you shop for fixed-rate electricity plans in Plano, you have to pay only a fixed amount every month irrespective of your electricity consumption. On the other hand, when you shop for variable-rate electricity plans in Plano, you will pay only for the energy you use each month. In variable-rate energy plans, the rates of energy keep changing every month and are not fixed. This option looks great for those who have limited energy usage throughout the year. But if your usage increases in any month, your bill may become shockingly high.

Energy Rates Increase During Summer. Why?

Also, energy rates are ruled majorly by the demand, supply situation, and weather conditions. While the usage and demand are low during cool winter months, fall, and spring, it spikes to exorbitant levels during the summer season. This puts additional pressure on power generation companies and they have to use

Electricity prices go up when demand increases and falls when demand is low. In Plano, TX, summer is hotter and more humid due to which the demand for electricity in the state goes up during summer months. Whereas, demand is low during winter months and electricity rates also go down accordingly.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about your electricity bills. You can escape these big electricity bills by locking in the lowest electricity rates before summer hits.

What to Consider When Switching Electricity?

We all look for the cheapest electricity rates to get rid of big bills. In our hurry to switch electricity, we tend to neglect the vital contributor to finding the cheapest electricity rates. Any guesses what it is? Yes, I am talking about the TIME. Your timing of the energy switch is important. Ultimately, it is the time of the year that influences the demand and, therefore, the cost of energy. Electricity rates change every day, making it difficult to decide the right time to switch. With ServiceDealz, however, you relax as we are here to take the hassle and stress out of the process and help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the lowest electricity plan.

Please feel free to call us for any assistance required in choosing the lowest electricity plans. Let’s simplify the electricity switch for you!

Conclusion: You can say goodbye to unexpectedly big electricity bills only if you know when to shop for electricity and when is the right time to hit the best bargain. And, at ServiceDealz, we are here to help you find the cheapest and best electricity plans without much effort and hassle. 

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