How Can You Ask Your Electricity Service Provider for the Cheapest Deal?

How Can You Ask Your Electricity Service Provider for the Cheapest Deal?

Since the electricity market in Texas opened to competition almost two decades ago, a lot of people in the state have grabbed the opportunity to choose their own electricity service provider. Instead of counting on their local utility to provide them with energy, most residents in “The Lone Star State” can pick from several competitive providers. Doing do allows them to choose the best and cheapest electricity deals that help them meet their needs and budget. 

How can you ask your electricity service provider for a great deal?

Contact your electricity company and ask for a great deal!

Is this not the message you keep hearing all the time? Of course yes! It is completely true and it could help you save hundreds of dollars. And there is never the right time to do so. There are five useful ways you can get a good energy deal. 

If you are looking to get a better deal on electricity, it will not be as difficult as you might think it is. If you have confidence in yourself and what you are saying, and prepare everything properly ahead of time, you could reduce your energy bills in no time. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Here’s how you can bag the best electricity deal:

  1. Do Your Homework

The first and foremost step to getting the best electricity deal is to do your homework. This is another message you keep hearing all the time, but again, it is not far from being true. Simply giving a call to your electricity service provider and asking them for a great deal is not likely to work. That is because you don’t have the right information about the best electricity deals you could get elsewhere. Make sure your electricity company believes you are going to leave if they don’t take a drastic step.

Who does not like the best and cheap electricity deals? If you want them, go and find them. Websites like ServiceDealz can help you search and compare the lowest electricity deals and costs in your state from the trusted and renowned utility providers. If you can determine approximately how much you could save by switching to some other electricity provider, it is going to help you a lot when negotiating a great deal with your existing energy company.

  1. Set Your Electricity Service Provider a Challenge

With the information you have gathered, make sure you set your electricity service provider the challenge if they are able to match the highest conditional discount you’ve found elsewhere. If they are not able to do this, let them know that you are going to switch to one of their competitors. Your electricity provider is not going to lower the rates they charge you for power with the contract you have. But it can boost the discount they offer you on those rates, and that is exactly how you will save money. 

You have to be clear in your mind about what you are wanting to get out of the conversation. If another energy provider in your area has offered you a 20% discount, tell them that is what you are looking for. Keep in mind that the biggest discounts on electricity don’t always mean the huge savings. However, being able to quote an attractive offer puts you in a good position. Practically, your existing electricity company will have a limit as to what they can offer you – ensure they reach that limit.

  1. Ask Your Electricity Service Provider their Cheapest Offer

Chances are your current energy company will try to satisfy you with a reasonable discount on top of your existing reasonable rates. Although they won’t reduce the rates on your current plan, they could always offer you a new one. There are some electricity service providers that have been known to keep ‘secret’ deals in reserve as a last ditch attempt for keeping you as a customer, and this is exactly where you can find the cheapest deals on electricity.

Your new plan could have lowest rates and you could get a great discount on those rates. Considering this, make sure you push your existing electricity provider to offer you their cheapest deal. 

  1. Be Polite

If you are not satisfied with the price you are paying for electricity, make sure you don’t take it out in the customer service representative from the cheapest electric company. Being rude will do you no good. It will get you nowhere. As a matter of fact, you are more likely to get an amazing deal if you take to the representative in a polite manner.

You will probably think it considering the way prices continue to shoot up. But don’t fret! The electricity market is more competitive and electricity companies are desperate to retain you as a customer. 

Also, if you are looking to cut down your monthly energy bill, then you need to make sure you get a good electricity in the first place. But you may be wondering “What’s electricity usage got to do with the deal?”

It is important to know your electricity usage. This is especially true in states like Texas. In this state, the advertised price of energy is a blend of an electricity rate and a delivery rate. And the final price you shell out completely depends on your kWh usage every month.

If you are looking for the best and cheapest electricity deal, contact ServiceDealz – a leading and unique platform that helps you search and compare the most competitive deals on electricity so you can pick the one that meets your budget.

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