Get Cheap Electricity Rates in Houston During Summer as Well!

Get Cheap Electricity Rates in Houston During Summer!

Finally, summer is here! It’s time to take those flowery prints and light clothes out of the wardrobe. But, summer isn’t just about dressing up the way you like, licking your favorite ice-creams, and sipping your favorite chilled cold drinks, it brings along sweat and humidity as well. Summer in Texas is quite hot with average high temperatures ranging between the sweltering 86°F (30°C) and 98°F (36.7°C), whereas the average low temperatures are recorded between 67°F (19.4°C) and 76°F (24.4°C).  To beat the heat, we use more water (in bathing, swimming, water sports, etc.) and cooling appliances that keep our homes and offices cool. For all these to run, we need electricity. As a result, our power consumption rises significantly during the summer months between June and August.

Do you think paying big electricity bills is the only option for you every year? No that’s not the case! You can prevent huge electricity bills if you plan in advance and opt for cheap electricity rates in any city of Texas you live in. For example, if you are looking for a respite from big electricity bills in the Houston area, you would be happy to know that now you can shop for cheap electricity rates in Houston and keep your electricity meter from boiling during the hot and humid summer months. How? Let me explain!

One of the best aspects of living in Texas is its deregulated energy market, which allows you to choose an electricity provider of your choice. Whether you are a homeowner or a small business owner who is simply not happy with your big electricity bills in Houston or you are moving to Houston from another city or state, you can now shop for competitive Houston electricity rates and save hundreds of dollars on your electricity bills. With ServiceDealz bringing the cheapest electricity plans in Houston from top electricity providers in the area, you can now.  

Deregulated Energy Market in Texas

Deregulation has led to a highly competitive and challenging marketplace for energy companies and suppliers, compelling them to offer lower costs to pull more customers. Since the deregulation of energy occurred in Texas in 2002, the power industry has been divided into two parts: supply and delivery. Energy suppliers or the retail energy providers (REPs) in Texas compete for supplying electricity to your home and office and to lure more and more customers they offer highly competitive supply rates and agreeable term agreements to the consumers. And the ultimate beneficiaries of this competition are the consumers who get cheap electricity rates in Houston and other cities across Texas and other states with deregulated energy. The company that maintains all the required electricity infrastructure, electric lines, and handles power outages is called a ‘utility’.  AEP and Oncor are among the major utilities in the state. The utilities are responsible for transporting power from electricity generators to your homes and businesses. 

The REPs buy electricity from the wholesale providers (power generators) and then resell it to the households and businesses at competitive and cheap Houston electricity rates. In most cases, the consumer must enter a contract (for a specified period of time) with the energy provider. The contract includes details such as the contract term length, cancellation fee policy, energy rate per kWh, etc. 

Things you need to know before you enter a contract

Are you ready to enter an energy contract with your preferred electricity provider? Don’t haste! Take your time to read the terms and conditions associated with the contract before you lock in the so-called lowest electricity rates in Houston.

Moreover, it is wise to compare Houston electricity rates to get the lowest price for your specific power consumption and usage. If you find it difficult to decide which plan is best for your home and/or office, why not try our free energy calculator and see for yourself? The calculator has been devised to help homeowners and small business owners find the difference in their average monthly electricity bills on choosing various electricity plans. Remember, informed decision making is always wise decision making. Here, it makes sense to have a better understanding of your electricity bill. Do you pay attention to all the numbers that are there on your electricity bill? Or, do you simply check the total due amount, make the payment, and sometimes, curse your electricity bill for being so heavy?

Do you feel cheated despite having shopped for the cheapest electricity in Houston? Do you wonder why the bill is so high when you chose the best plan? Yes, it is due to those elements you just missed or probably the provider smartly and deliberately hid from you! While the providers may try to lure customers by advertising cheap electricity rates, the truth is the base energy rate is the same. It is the TDU charges and other components that make your bill way heavier than your imagination. But with ServiceDealz offering a totally unbiased and comprehensive overview of each deal, you can be sure that you are going to lock the best and lowest rate for your kWh usage.

Cut your monthly bills down…

Search, compare, and talk to the experts at ServiceDealz to help you shop for the best electricity in Houston and say goodbye to those annoying big electricity bills! And, if you lock the cheapest electricity rates in Houston before summer arrives, you can continue to enjoy cheaper electricity even when the mercury soars.

I hope you found this blog useful. Please share your comments, queries, or concerns and I will ensure you get the most professional and relevant answer to your question.

Disclaimer: The information in this blog is based on our interactions with our existing customers and knowledge of the industry through primary and secondary sources. To get the best evaluation of your existing electricity plan and to choose a cheapest electricity plans, you should get in touch with our experts.

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