Cheap Electricity in Texas is a Reality Now!

Cheap Electricity in Texas

With summer just round the corner in Texas, it is normal for the households as well as small businesses across the state to search for cheap electricity plans that guarantee smaller and manageable electricity bills. But when we talk about cheap electricity, what exactly do we mean? Let’s understand it better! By searching for cheap electricity, you are eventually looking for an electricity company that sells energy at the lowest cost per kWh. You want the lowest total average cost of energy per kWh and that includes delivery as well.  Why? No matter who you decide to go with as your energy company, you’ll have to pay the delivery charges to the local utility company that sends your bill.

Some electricity companies may show a combined or all-inclusive energy rates wherein they would quote one price for power as well as for delivery. On the other hand, there are companies that show energy only rates by quoting your electricity supply rate with a cloudy “plus” delivery fee. The price difference can be quite confusing for anyone and, for this reason only, the PUCT (Public Utility Commission of Texas) requires that all energy retailers offer their average kWh price at three levels of usage i.e. 500 kWh, 100 kWh, and 2000 kWh. This enables customers to run a quick apple-to-apple comparison across multiple companies. Do you think that’s easy? No, it’s not so easy though! Bill credits, tiered bills, special offers, and free electricity all come into play while considering power pricing in Texas. So, when you think that you are shopping for cheap electricity rates, you might be actually preparing to pay up higher than you should. Picking the cheap electricity plan and provider for your home depends majorly on your usage.

Does my Electricity Usage Affect my Power Price?

Yes, it does! Hence, knowing your power usage is important if you really wish to shop for cheap electricity plans in your area.  Most energy retailers showcase average price per kWh at 2000 kilowatt-hours a month on their website. But at ServiceDealz, we show all three options i.e. price per 500 kWh, 1000 kWh, and 2000 kWh, so you get fair pricing, unbiased comparison, and the right plan for your home or small business power needs.

Whether you are relocating to a new apartment or home in Texas or looking to save money by switching electricity to another provider that offers cheap electricity, we can help you find the right plan that fits your energy usage and budget. Depending on your energy usage, you can choose from different cheap electricity plans including:

Fixed-Rate Electricity Plans: These provider price-protected energy supply rates for the length of your term agreement. The energy price per kWh will remain the same and will not change throughout the term, irrespective of the fluctuating market prices. A fixed-rate electricity supply plan can range from 3-months to 5-years, hence it’s important that you enter only the term length that suits you the best.

Variable-Rate Electricity Plans: These plans have rates that change depending on the market rates of electricity. The prices may be affected by the seasons, demand, and other market conditions. While variable-rate electricity supply plans may sound lucrative as they allow you to take advantage of the low market-rates, there’s the possibility of paying for significantly higher supply rates when demand soars during certain months of the year. While you enjoy great flexibility with variable-rate electricity plans, the cost and your bill may rise significantly when the usage and market rates of electricity rise at the same time, for example during the hot and humid summer months.

Prepaid Electricity Plans: Prepaid plans relieve you from the stress of receiving unexpectedly big bills at the month end because these plans let you pay a fixed cost at the beginning of each month for the electricity you will consume in that month. In other words, you pay for the energy before you actually use it. Prepaid electricity plans are also called no-deposit required electricity plans as you do not need to make any deposit prior to switching.

Postpaid Electricity Plans: Postpaid plans, as indicated by the name, are those in which you pay for the electricity at month end. While the chances of receiving unexpectedly big bills is huge in this case, the only good part is you don’t need to pay anything upfront before you use the electricity.

Compare Plans to Buy Cheap Electricity in Texas

When you compare retail electricity companies in Texas, you may find an energy supply rate that perfectly fits your budget, usage, and expectations. Thanks to the deregulated energy market in Texas, you can choose your electricity plan and provider from multiple options. If you find it difficult to compare electricity plans from multiple providers, ServiceDealz can help you. Here you can compare cheap electricity plans from multiple providers and choose a plan that best fits your usage and requirement. We offer unbiased and fair energy deal comparison, so you get the plan you need.  At ServiceDealz, we review and compare every energy plan in detail. We review the various factors and show you deal details so you can see what you will get on choosing a certain plan.  

To further help you in choosing the cheap electricity plan according to your usage, we have devised a unique FREE electricity calculator that lets you assess your estimated energy bill on choosing one plan or another. The calculator is an excellent tool that allows people across the state to get a good estimate of what their monthly energy bill may look like on choosing certain electricity plans with specified energy charges.  

Searching for cheap electricity plans with ServiceDealz is easier than anything. All you need to do is enter your zip code and several useful deals will be brought forth for your review and comparison. The next step is to add up to three plans for comparison and choose a plan that fits your need and expectations. Once you are sure which plan is best for your home or office, you can place your request for energy switching and from there we will take charge of ensuring that the chosen electricity plan is delivered to you and you are able to make a switch.

Before you Shop for Cheap Electricity Plans in Texas …

The first thing you need to do before you shop for cheap electricity in Texas is know your usage. To understand what your monthly electricity usage is, you can refer to your previous months’ electricity bills. Remember, this is the most important aspect of choosing cheap electricity plans because your monthly bill will eventually depend on it. The bill is calculated by multiplying your monthly usage to the energy rates and that is why you need to pay attention to it. Make sure you have a good idea of your highest and lowest electricity usage levels before you shop for another plan. Examine each so-called cheap electricity plan carefully before you take your wallet out to pay for it. Most plans include hidden fine print, tiered rates, and other added costs.

Compare Plans Carefully: If you do it manually, you will need to make sure that you compare plans bearing in mind your electricity usage and the contract length you are comfortable entering.

If you are planning to make an electricity switch in Texas, the best time to do is right now because once summer is here, you may expect no respite in soaring electricity rates. Most people who shop for fixed-rate electricity plans end up saving more than those who prefer variable-rate plans. But again, it all depends on your individual usage and needs.

I hope this blog was useful. For any assistance in helping you choose cheap electricity in Texas, please feel free to speak with our electricity experts.

Disclaimer:The information above is based upon our research and communication with several existing users. To learn about the cheap electricity plans in your area, you may kindly visit our website and, if required, chat with us and we will help you find the best electricity plan for your usage. 

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