The Best Time to Switch Your Electricity Plan is NOW!

The Best Time to Switch Electricity Plan

When looking for the best electricity provider, you would surely want to lock in the cheapest electricity rates. Remember, your timing can be the key contributor in helping you find the cheapest electricity plan. Electricity rates fluctuate on a daily basis, which makes it a challenge for most of us to pinpoint the best time to make a service switch. Since we are committed to helping you find and sign up for the cheapest electricity rates, we bring the most useful and relevant information you can use to determine the most suitable time for you to make an electricity service switch.

Key factors behind electricity rate fluctuations


Electricity demand is the most dominant factor in deciding the electricity prices, apart from natural disasters. There’s a strong correlation between energy demand and rates. When demand rises, prices also rise and, in turn, prices fall when demand is low. Why this happens? It’s because when the demand is high, increased electricity production is required. When there is a high demand for energy than utilities can provide, they are forced to use other alternative sources of energy (such as coal, natural gas, etc.) which cost them higher. In Texas, for example, they use coal plants with typical natural gas plants to be able to meet the soaring demand for energy in the state. As a result, energy costs spike.


Seasons also affect the demand for electricity. While the demand tends to be lower during spring and fall months, there’s a surge in demand during the summer and winter months. Energy consumption rises during extreme cold and extreme heat. Hence, you may lock in the lowest energy rates when the demand is relatively lower.

Holiday Season, Christmas, New Year, Festivals

Since many providers extend cheap electricity deals and offer to lure potential customers, the best time to make an electrical switch is the holiday and festive season as well. With us, you can curb your electricity expenses by shopping for cheap energy rates plus enjoying many offers and discounts we keep introducing from our side to make your service switch with us truly worthwhile.

Ensure greater savings throughout the year

If you want to enjoy cheaper electricity throughout the year, it is highly advisable that you opt for a fixed-rate electricity plan because only a fixed-rate plan will make your electricity bill immune to the energy rate fluctuations during different seasons and market situations. We have some of the most affordable fixed-rate electricity plans from the best electricity providers in Texas. Avoid unwanted surprises at month-end with fixed-rate plans. Check out the best electricity deals with fixed-rate plans at the ServiceDealz website.

Compare before you choose

We strongly believe decision making is facilitated if you have the facts and figures in your hands. By letting you compare the deals, we help you choose a worthwhile plan for your usage. You can compare tariffs from multiple electricity providers and compare electricity plans you like. Furthermore, our electricity calculator lets you get the estimated monthly bills for your current energy charges in comparison to the deals available here. 

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