7 Useful Tips to Reduce Your Home Electric Bill

7 Useful Tips to Reduce Your Home Electric Bill

Witnessing a tremendous rise in the electricity bills? Tired of paying hefty energy bills every month?

At ServiceDealz – a leading digital deal-hunting platform – we cannot discard the fact that electricity has made our lives easier in numerous ways than it was centuries ago. That is why we stress the need to save a great deal of money on energy consumption which leads to a great reduction in-home electric bills.

An average person in the United States pays over $1300 each year for consuming electricity. And it signifies that electric bills alone can make one exhaust their income by 5-10 percent. Sadly, one simple energy bill includes a multitude of things. And trying to decipher what you should actually focus on is the hardest part of reducing your electricity bills every month.

In this blog, we will discuss seven tips that will be useful for you to save big on your monthly household electricity bills.

  1. Use Energy Efficient Lights

Are you using the old halogen light bulbs? Or, relying on incandescent tubes? Regardless of what you use, they will consume more electricity. If you are looking to lower electric bills on lights, make sure every part of your home is installed with light bulbs that help you save energy. Not only are these bulbs last long but they can save you a great deal of money in the long run.

In fact, investing in LED bulbs consuming less energy will work to your advantage. Even getting smart bulbs that automatically dim can do wonders by helping you save up to 75% of electricity. Does it not sound interesting? Take your pick from the wide range of energy-efficient bulbs to save energy. Not only that, it will boost the ambiance as well.

  1. Switch Off Lights and Electrical Appliances When Not in Use

When you leave the house or go to bed, ensure that you turn off your electrical appliances, including the heater, cooling units, and other appliances. Having things turned off at the powerpoint can help save a considerable amount of electricity than when left on standby using the switch or even a remote control.

  1. Avoid Putting Excess Food in Your Refrigerator

When you keep excess food in the refrigerator, doing so may hinder the air vents inside compartments; thus, obstructing the proper circulation of air. The compressor has to work extra hard so the temperature inside the compartment can be uniform which leads to more energy consumption. It is good to keep the food inside the refrigerator in a well-organized manner.

  1. Always Put a Cold Meal in the Refrigerator

Do you know that putting hot food in your refrigerator will increase the temperature inside its compartment? That is why the compressor has to run a little longer to lower the temperature to the set temperature. As a result, more electricity is consumed and there is a tremendous rise in the energy bill. Make sure you should keep the food inside the refrigerator after it is allowed to cool down to room temperature.

  1. Adjust the Thermostat

Heating and cooling your home can cost an arm and a leg when you get a high electricity bill, as obvious it may sound. This is usually the case when you don’t act wisely. When heating your home, make sure the thermostat has been set below 20 degrees to lower the running costs. During summertime, you can adjust the thermostat to around 25 degrees when cooling. Any temperature which is below 26 degrees can add 10% to the electricity cost.

  1. Choose the Right Location of the Refrigerator

There has to be sufficient space for ventilation. Also, putting your refrigerator with hot sources is never a good idea. Hot sources raise the temperature of the surrounding location of the refrigerator. This leads to the inappropriate convection process which puts an extra burden on the compressor. At least 10 cm of the gap from the rear wall is crucial for the right heat dissipation.

  1. Monitor Your Electricity Usage

When it comes to tracking the electricity consumption in your home, an energy monitor is what you need. The monitor will allow you to see the progress with which you are using the power. So you can identify the opportunity not only to save electricity but lower your electricity bill every month.

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