Spooktacular Cable TV, Internet, and Phone Deals for Residents and Businesses!

Spooktacular Cable TV, Internet, and Phone Deals!

Once again it’s time to get spooky and ward off all the negativity from our lives. I am sure you have already done all the shopping for your eerie costumes and props for the upcoming party. Haven’t you? Let’s not allow the COVID-19 to spoil our festivities. Thanks to the internet and phone, staying connected and entertained is so easy now. Dress up in your favorite Halloween costumes and enter the online party with your friends living far away in another city. And talk to all those you’re gonna miss the most this Halloween due to the new normal – social distancing.

At ServiceDealz, we are committed to making each moment of these festive times special and memorable for you by helping you find the cheap and best cable TV, internet, and phone deals in your area. Celebrate Halloween 2020 with ServiceDealz and gear up to save thousands of dollars on home services. What’s more, you get an instant $100 in your SD wallet. Switch any service with us and you get Amazon/Walmart gift cards worth $20. What’s new? This time we’ve got an amazing contest for you wherein you can win a 49” LED TV. All you need to do is make a service switch to get a chance to win the TV.

Not enough?

If these don’t make you happy, you can earn more dollars by referring ServiceDealz to your friends and family. Each referral will earn you an additional $10, which will be added to your current balance in the SD wallet. And, the best part is that your friend also gets $10 for making the service switch using your referral code.

Talk more, watch more TV, and surf more without worrying about the bills!

If big bills have been preventing you from making long phone calls, streaming your favorite videos, surfing, and watching your favorite TV shows, it’s time you say goodbye to those spooky big bills. Have fun and shove your big bills away with amazingly cheap cable TV, internet, and phone deals from the best providers in your area. 

Why do we celebrate Halloween?

Dressed up in eerie, weird costumes, wearing spooky makeup, lighting bonfires, dancing, singing, and playing trick or treat, we all are in a mood to celebrate and have fun. This is what Halloween is all about! But do you know why do we celebrate Halloween? Let me tell you very quickly.  This festival has its origin in the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. To celebrate this festival, people used to wear costumes and light bonfires to ward off ghosts. The evening before the festival was called All Hallows Eve and later came to be known as Halloween.

Exciting offers you must not miss this Halloween:

  • Sign up and earn $100 in your SD wallet.

  • Switch any service and get $20 additional.

  • Refer ServiceDealz to your friends and get $10.

  • Get a chance to win 49 inches LED TV

  • FREE 10 grams gold coin

Check out the ServiceDealz website for the best offers and the latest deals on various home services.


 Every year, Halloween is celebrated to ward off negativity and, ghosts (traditionally). This year, things are slightly different due to the current global scenario and the pandemic COVID-19 but we haven’t given up yet. Let’s celebrate the festivals with all our enthusiasm and fervor. To make this Halloween memorable for you, we have brought some amazing offers, deals, and discounts you will regret missing for sure. Get free 10 grams’ gold coin + $100 on sign up + $20 on service switch + $10 on referring SD to friends and family! So, what’s the wait for? Switch and save $1000s on home services.

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